We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, so when we see or hear about some great functionality that someone else is already doing we speak to them with a view to integrating them into the TribePad social ATS platform.

Big or Small, we don’t mind. We are more interested in innovative problem solving and creative apps than size of their business.  Here are just a few of the 3rd parties that we integrate with.

  • Talent on View - Interviewing platform

    Talent on View

    Talent on View is a web based video interviewing application specifically designed for recruiters to enable them to send a video clip of their candidate alongside the CV to their clients. Time to hire is reduced, making the recruitment process slicker and faster whilst remaining on-brand and engaging for a greater candidate experience. Add further value with the ability to save and share your video interviews with hiring managers across your business.

  • CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement

    CEB- SHL Talent Measurement

    SHL offer the world’s largest portfolio of talent acquisition solutions, helping you to identify the right person for the right job, plus talent mobility solutions, measuring employee performance in order to increase employee engagement and productivity. SHL’s talent analytics enables businesses to compare their talent to that of competitors and the market. The insights gained allow for businesses to utilise and tune their people strategies for success.

  • Talent Q


    TalentQ designs and delivers organisational psychometric assessments, training and consultancy. Their portfolio of elegant assessments delivers valuable insights into the skills, behaviours, abilities and motivations of employees. Training programmes aim to equip HR professionals with the skill sets to implement assessments successfully within the business, whilst consultancy services provide expert talent management solutions.

  • Powermeeter | Simplified candidate screening

    Powermeeter Recruit

    Powermeeter recruit provides employers & agencies with the ability to interview candidates for vacancies via the power of video interviewing. Presenting employers with the ability to discover the individual behind the CV, improving the efficiency of candidate screening, identifying whether the candidate is the right fit for the company. Improvements in brand awareness, transparency and candidate experience are just some of the available benefits.

  • Chemistry Group

    Chemistry Group

    Chemistry Group is the only people consultancy in the world which provides insights and predictions into employee performance & talent attraction. Operating globally, Chemistry Group use their unique methodologies and software to help businesses improve their employee & talent acquisition performance, identifying the right people for the business.

  • broad bean technology


    Broadbean provides a cloud-based SaaS, established in 2001, promising to make talent acquisition simpler and more efficient. They aim to connect candidates and recruiters on a global scale, for both smaller business and larger global multinational businesses. Broadbean’s products include in-house recruitment, agency recruitment tools plus data analytics suite.

  • Vacancy Poster

    Vacancy Poster

    Vacancy Poster founded in 2009, provides direct employers and recruitment agencies with job board multi-posting. Their alternative solution was designed and coded by a group of experienced and talented software engineers within the recruitment industry. The platform provides applicant tracking and candidate management through the use of a job board posting tool.

  • Mystery Applicant

    Mystery applicant

    An award-winning HR SaaS tool that provides businesses with candidate feedback based in real time. The analytics enables businesses to filter, contrast and benchmark key metrics, identifying areas for improvement driving recruitment strategies forward. The fully branded platform allows for multiple users to make use of the system, allowing the whole team to work towards greater achievements.

  • Accio Data

    Accio Data provides the industry’s most powerful employment screening software for your business. The platform offers unlimited scalability meaning that you’ll never outgrow the system, and with more than 2,000 configuration options you can tailor to any client. Their Progressive Platform Evolution (PPE) ensures constant functionality enhancements.

  • nsl


    NSL offers a broad range of services including technical design management, business process management, and identity authentication services across the UK. They believe that getting the most from technology and people is vital, and that it’s their development of new ideas and expertise that makes the difference to their customers.

  • abitegro

    AB Integro

    AB Integro provide solutions for businesses and employees to aid with and manage career growth and progression. AB Integro presents businesses and employees with the tools to manage employee’s career growth. Employees have the ability to take control of their own progression and develop personal career paths. Analytics enable companies to better understand aspirations, obstacles and commitment to career development.

  • iAdvize

    The Iadvize platform enables companies to engage with customers in real-time, improving customer satisfaction and improving sales conversion rates. Iadvize will consult with you to identify your key goals and strategies to ensure that the right solution is created for you. Engage with customers through an online chat with a customer service representative or direct them through to a community member. Track your progress and monitor your activity with real-time reporting to help analyse the difference made to sales and customer satisfaction.