The job seeker can upload a CV or use their existing social media profile to apply for a position, which will then automatically be parsed to create a digital profile. This gives the candidate more time to apply for your roles and engage with your company. The candidate still has the ability to edit their profile once the CV or social media profile has been parsed, to make any necessary amendments.

TribePad offers social integration through the recommendation of vacancies to job seekers. This is not only based on their own skills, but also the activity of other job seekers with similar skill sets.

One of the core philosophies of TribePad is to keep the code as light and fast as possible and to provide a rich framework for the huge community to expand what TribePad can do, limited only by their imagination.

With this in mind we have a range of API’s for integration with a 3rd party career site provider and offer them widgets to place on the career site to give candidates an ‘amazon’ experience and online experience one has come to expect.

We will work with the career site provider to ensure an invisible transition for the candidate and give them the support to deliver the best candidate experience they can.