Today’s recruiter needs the tools at their fingertips to maximise talent attraction. This will enable them to fill vacancies with high quality talent at a minimal cost.  So, having the right tools to match, search, tag, pool, and invite candidates enables the recruiter to tackle all the tasks they need to hire effectively and simplify the recruitment

Smart job/Candidate matching

Matching whilst you sleep…today’s recruiter can post a vacancy within their social Applicant Tracking System and it matches the right candidates to the vacancy in real time, enabling an email communication to be sent with an invitation to apply.

CV searching

Historically, the black hole of despair in most recruitment systems – once a candidate applies, if unsuccessful they’re never to be seen again!  Search methods include Boolean, semantic and faceted search – they’re integrated and used seamlessly, enabling you to quickly find that candidate again.

Web search to recruit top talent

The social ATS will allow for the fact you’re also sourcing great talent on an ongoing basis, and not just waiting for applications.  Being proactive and able to search the rest of the web from your recruitment system is part of the essential tool kit.

Talent pooling & tagging

To build multiple communities within your ecosystem, send vacancy marketing emails for those hard to find skills is key to engaging your job seekers.  To tag candidates and include them in your talent pool enables you to control your data in a structured way.

Job invites

Identify a great individual and proactively invite them to apply for your role – your Social ATS can make this happen