TribePad is distributed by design, leveraging years of carrier class ISP experience to deliver a best of breed platform. Servers located globally to ensure great performance and SEO optimised traffic.

TribePad is modular by design. The database is separated from the business logic, which is separated from the presentation layer, and allows the platform to scale both horizontally & vertically. In April 2012 we delivered over 1bn API calls across the platform.

TribePad is I18n compliant. We are OFCCP compliant which means all data is tracked, stored and can be analysed, graphed and mined to assist in any audit, for our US clients.

We currently support 37 languages as well as RTL (right to left – for Arabic launched in 2012) and double byte characters.

It’s Smart:-

  • TribePad logs every search, click and result
  • It has our own ‘TribePad Match’ heuristics engine for job / CV searching and matching, the ability to search 100k CV’s in < 0.01s
  • TribePad works on every smartphone with a browser
  • It knows and understands your device and displays the content accordingly TribePad can be configured differently for each client
  • It can have unlimited types of users with own permissions
  • It can be re-branded on a per user basis
  • The recruitment platform is multi-lingual supporting 37 different languages

Our technology has been developed specifically for companies that are looking to enhance both internal and external recruitment processes. Whilst leveraging social environments to ultimately get best value, improve the candidate experience and engage with external job seekers and internal employees.

OFCCP Compliance

In the USA, it’s vital to be proactive with regard to OFCCP compliance.  That’s why TribePad stores all referrers, CV searches, applicant search results (with ordering) and applicant click-throughs and stores the data for any OFCCP audits.

All data is stored and can be analysed, graphed and mined to assist in any audit.

Furthermore, all images on TribePad driven careers sites and within the main TribePad community are tagged to ensure the application process works with text browsers or speech readers.  Also, we ensure that all core functionality is ADA compliance wherever possible and we will continue to work in this area to ensure the best experience for all users.