As the saying goes ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’. One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is aggregation of all their data to have something meaningful and worthwhile. Understanding where you recruit top talent from, keeping track on your time-to-hire rate, analysing your recruiters performance is vital to gain improvements in your recruiting campaign.

The list is endless of what a recruiter can report on, and when it’s not in one place, this task becomes the monthly energy-sapping chore that takes a huge amount of time. TribePad’s Applicant Tracking Software collects data in real time and makes data-led decisions, enabling the recruiter to be advisory, factual and not rely on gut instinct.

Traffic tracking

We tell you instantly which channels are working and, more importantly, which ones are not. You can then deal with the ineffective channel quickly, improving the talent acquisition process and recruiting campaign.

Process tracking

By offering candidate tracking, it makes sure you always know where applicants are in the recruitment process, and that you never lose track of your best candidates.

Every candidate for every position

TribePad has built its own state of the art reporting suite which encompasses real time analytics and a variety of standard reports. Every click on TribePad is recorded and able to be reported on, plus every vacancy and candidate can be drilled down into to see e.g Source of where the candidate came from / how many people applied for a role and when they applied / how they applied etc.

If you want to create your own reports using the data found within the MI area, you can export the data in CSV format and build your own reports using your own reporting software

You can read more about recruitment analytics by visiting our blog page ‘5 Reasons your business needs professional recruitment analytics’.