During your recruitment process, whether you’re recruiting internally or engaging with people outside who have expressed an interest in your brand, providing information about your organisation helps to explain your brand. It provides enhanced candidate experience and improves the talent acquisition process. And if they’re not the right person at the right time… they may know someone else who is.


Enabling you to start building groups within your own recruitment platform (as opposed to 3rd party platforms). This is key to interacting in a meaningful way with candidates.

Landing Pages

Your Applicant Tracking System gives you the key to become the talent campaign manager for special projects.  Landing page creation within the recruitment platform allows you to target people for particular skills and roles.

Email Marketing

Your integral email marketing suite – a communications tool often missed from other platforms, where you can market internally and to external candidates.  The recruitment platform will send bulk emails to individuals through talent pooling or the people you have engaged with on an ongoing basis.


Giving a job seeker referral tools is always useful. It only takes one good fit each time to succeed.

Resources (knowledge library)

Giving your job seekers information about your brand is key when attracting the best talent.  The resource section allows for video, document and audio content. This enables the job seekers to see the real brand, further adding authenticity and an engaging approach.

Social Sharing

Spread your vacancies across the social networks and deliver on-brand messages to wherever your job seekers are.