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Video Interviewing TribePad Social recruiting platform

This additional feature can be managed entirely within the recruitment platform without the need to switch between systems.  This seamless integration provides significant reduction in spend and time as well as an improved user journey. Saving up to 98% of interviewing costs are not uncommon.

We are so certain that the solution will save you both time and money that it is FREE for 3 months and then as little as £1 per candidate thereafter.  Monthly & annual bulk packages (including unlimited video interviews) are available on request.

TribePad has already interviewed thousands of candidates through the video platform, and expects to conduct over 100,000 video interviews in over 130 countries, within the next 6 months.
Utilising the latest distributed WebM technology, which is a first in the world for this type of technology, its designed and built to be the leading edge platform now and in the future.

Anytime, Anywhere

It works on all modern browsers, iPads, Android tablets, iPhones, Android phones & Windows phone. We have even had it working via an PlayStation 4 with PS4 Eye Camera in the office. Fully encrypted for safety and security.

It makes sense for the recruiter and the candidate

A recruiter can process candidates faster than they’ve ever done before. Filter out the top talent for vacancies before setting up face-to-face interviews, saving the boss’ time and the company money. Spend your budget on more important things! You can ever process candidates whilst on the bus!

The candidates doesn’t need to take time off work but can do the video interview at home, during their lunch break or even sat on the beach!

Repeating vacancies? Reuse your specific questions in the questionnaires for your candidates to answer, making it easier to process and filter applicants.

Video Interviewing TribePad

Do you know how much it’s costing you each time you interview?

One candidate requires one hour prep, on average – screen the CV, coordinate the interview schedule, book the meeting room (major recruiter bugbear), liaise with the hiring managers plus some time for admin.

Let’s calculate that

  • Recruiter £15 per hour
  • 2x Interviewers £35 per hour

Multiply that per candidate…and your money’s wasted if the candidate isn’t suited.  Ouch.

So, if you could interview for as little as £1 per candidate, you’d be interested right?

What if it was FREE for 3 months just so you’re absolutely certain it’s right for you and your business?

You know that the candidate’s not right after 2 minutes – don’t waste time on Mr No!  Skip through interviews fast if they don’t suit.

Video interviewing technology allows you to view 10 candidates per hour, or more!  So in that hour, instead of wasting £200 you’ll spend a maximum of £10.

Recruiter vs Candidate Benefits


  • Perform the interview at their convenience without taking valuable time out of work – they can even do it at midnight if they want to
  • No time or expense needed to get to the interview – a real plus if the candidate is not working
  • The candidate feels less intimidated in their own environment
  • Use a Smartphone, Tablet or PC

Video Interviewing Platform TribePad


  • Interview more candidates, consistently and faster
  • Record, save & share the interviews with hiring managers
  • Use NLP – see the candidate’s true reactions to your questions
  • Not the right candidate for you?  Minimal time & resources wasted
  • Less scheduling issues for meeting rooms – major recruiter bugbear!
  • Branded & integrated with your own careers site/ATS
  • Make smarter decisions faster

Video Interviewing TribePad Social recruiting platform

Why not try a 3 Month free trial! Then a maximum of £1 per interview after.  No obligations…you won’t regret it.