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An automatic hoover for the ATS? Yes please!

June 23, 2016 1:57 pm by
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Housekeeping ATS

Automation saves us time and effort on the tasks that we don’t want to do. With automatic hoovers, grasscutters, coffee machines, we are living a life of luxury. What’s next?

We’ve just released a new feature that will further help you automate your recruitment housekeeping. This can also help to report on your rejected and withdrawn candidates and not leave candidates hanging indefinitely.

If a recruiter has not touched a job for a given period of time, the vacancy can be set to automatically close based on your given time frame. In addition to this, this feature can also be configured to move any candidates who are not already in the ‘Offered’, ‘Accepted’ or ‘Hired’ into your withdrawn or reject buckets.

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