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Candidates have a sneak peek with embedded videos

April 25, 2016 9:43 am by
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77 seconds is all you have to capture a candidate’s attention. That’s just over 1 minute that a candidate spends looking at your job advert. So what’s going to make your job advert stand out from every other? What are you going to do differently to ensure that you’re attracting top talent?

Videos on Job Adverts
Provide candidates with in-depth detail about your company, its culture, its employees with Embedded Video Links. It can give candidates a better idea of whether they’d be the perfect fit for a vacancy with your company. It’s proven that candidates spend more time viewing job adverts with videos on than just plain text.

Hiring Managers can quickly and simply record job descriptions getting certain points across, where plain text could appear cold and emotionless. Videos can be more personal and engaging to candidates in comparison to text-based descriptions.

So at TribePad, we created a feature which now allows you to add videos on job adverts.

So what videos are best to upload?

Employee testimonials are great to share experiences from those working within the organisation. They could talk about how an employee has progressed, what route they have taken and what a candidate can expect if they decided to apply to work with the company. It provides a more personal message to candidates and shows candidates what they could achieve if they were hired for a similar position.

Provide a tour of the facilities. Show candidates their potential future office, where they’d be working, what they’d be doing on a day to day basis. Present the perks of the business, i.e. discounted gym membership, social room. Show company achievements, what awards you’ve won!

Don’t forget to talk about the company, and I don’t mean repeating information you can find on the careers page. Provide new exclusive insights into the company, something that will really engage with candidates. Make them feel that they already know enough that they apply straight away!

But how long should the video be?

It’s best not to make the video too long. You want to keep the candidate engaged and not make them switch off. Don’t let them lose interest before they’ve even applied. Choose a video that presents all the important information about your company and/or the vacancy, usually around 4 minutes in length.

How can I apply videos to job adverts on TribePad?

It’s quick, simple and easy. Follow the step by step guide below to upload a video to a job advert. And what’s better, there’s no limit to the number of videos you can upload.

Step 1)  Go to Job Create section, and enter the Job Details before progressing to the Job Description page. You will see on the header for each section at the Job Description page, a little video button. It looks like this:

Videos on Job Adverts

Videos on Job Adverts

Step 2) By clicking this button, a pop up will appear allowing you to upload a video by entering a URL. Once you’ve entered a URL, click ‘OK’ to complete, or ‘Cancel’ to discontinue. If you click ‘Cancel’ you can continue entering details into the Job Description without a video being present.

Videos on Job Adverts

Step 3) By clicking ‘Ok’ you video will appear into the selected section.

Videos on Job Adverts

Step 4)  Once you’ve saved the Job Description and finished creating the job, the video will appear on the job details page for the position.

Videos on Job Adverts

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