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Communities and Groups; Applying Questionnaires

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The best way to engage with your candidates?

Who doesn’t want a pipeline of future potential candidates? You’re making the most of your talent pools, but do you give candidates the opportunity to join a community or group to engage with other applicants as well as the recruiter?

Not all candidates are successful the first time they apply for a role, and not even the second time. But do you really want to throw away their application? Just because they aren’t the right fit for this particular role doesn’t mean that they won’t be for a future vacancy.

Current features from TribePad

Did you know that TribePad already provides you with the ability to have an online community with multiple specific groups? It allows candidates searching for similar roles to speak with each other, review the application process and ask relevant questions to improve their chances of being hired. This feature can be turned on or off according to your requirements. This is highly beneficial to the recruiter as it identifies areas for improvement in the hiring process, increases the chances of a candidate being hired for a role and creates a stronger brand image through consistent engagement between the candidate and recruiter.

It’s worth considering inviting candidates to join a community if;

  • Their application was strong however aren’t the right fit for the vacancy applied for
  • They look like they’ll be a good fit to your values for future positions
  • They are currently employed by the company but are at risk of being made redundant

Informing candidates that they’ve been invited to join a community because their application was strong (whether or not they were successful), will not only fill the candidate with confidence but will also create a stronger brand image. It demonstrates that the recruiter is actively trying to find them an appropriate role.

Communities enable recruiters to gather large quantities of data about applicants. But this can take time and a lot of engagement to identify just what it is that they’re looking for.

So what’s the solution? Long hours engaging with candidates to find out what the best opportunity is for them? We’ve thought of something better…

So what’s new?

TribePad launched a new feature that enables recruiters to find out as much information as possible prior to a candidate joining a community or group. TribePad provides recruiters with the ability to add questionnaires to communities for candidates to complete upon invitation. This could cover information including;

  • What area of work they’re looking for
  • How far they’re willing to travel for work
  • When they’re able to start a new position/ or what their availability is

You can apply a questionnaire to a community, using the questionnaire builder located in the Applicant Tracking System. This is located under ‘Jobs’ > ‘Questionnaires’. When creating the questionnaire, you will need to choose ‘Other’ for the ‘Questionnaire Group’.

See below the quick and easy steps to follow to attach a questionnaire to a community or group.

Create a questionnaire from the questionnaire builder and choose ‘Other’ as the ‘Questionnaire Group’. When creating a community (or editing an existing one) you can attach the questionnaire by selecting it from the drop down under the ‘Assign Questionnaire’ section.

Assign questionnaire to community

When a candidate joins the community via the community landing page, they will be presented with a popup which will direct them to complete the questionnaire attached to the community, before taking them to the groups page.



TribePad Social ATS

How will this benefit the recruiter

Keeping up the levels of engagement is vital to building relationships with candidates. Some of these individuals could be in the communities and groups long term.

A few things to consider in terms of content include:

  • New or upcoming vacancies
  • Company updates including product releases
  • Job fairs/events
  • Industry events

Consistent engagement will encourage candidates to follow your business via the website and on social media sites, increasing brand visibility. It will also save you, the recruiter, time and money.

  • Minimising one-to-one communication; posting updates in groups avoids time taken sending separate emails to individual candidates
  • Minimising advertising costs; look at your talent community prior to advertising a role
  • Minimise screening time; Candidates will have already been screened, tagged and scored

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