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Deliver great candidate experience with flexible email templates

July 28, 2016 11:29 am by
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Packing for a holiday can be time-consuming and tedious. What do I pack? Do I take a pair of jeans? What if it rains? How many shoes do I need? *Argh* Wouldn’t it be great if you had a bag already packed with all the essentials in there, and the right clothing for the right type of holiday. A bag for a short city-break, one for a week on a beach, and another for a week of camping.
We’re giving you those bags!


Only it’s not a bag. It’s a tool to ensure that your candidate experience is second to none.  Remember if only 1% of candidates are hired by your business then 99% aren’t, and they could be customers.
Your organisation may be made up of multiple departments. Each department could have a different tone of voice and maybe even a different logo. Yet when candidates apply for a vacancy, they’ll more than likely receive an email from the organisation, not the specific department.

This new feature lets you brand your jobs in the warehouse completely differently to those in the accounts department and those in the sales department. Let’s look at a department store for example. They have a beauty and makeup department, a clothing department, an electrical department and maybe even a banking department. Then there’s Head Office, HR, and perhaps a delivery department.

With this tool, you can tailor the messages that are sent out to candidates for different areas of the business – it’s no longer one size fits all.

Additionally, candidates who apply for a more specialised role could receive further detailed instructions about their application compared to a candidate who perhaps applied for a cashier role. This will improve on the brand recognition and also the candidate experience.

This is all part of the new self-serve adminstration tools that we’re releasing that will help you manage your ATS even more.


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