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Hold Exclusivity over candidates – Exclusivity Periods

February 10, 2016 9:32 am by
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Ever received an application from a candidate and had to compete with another branch located just a couple of miles away? Do you want to ensure that you have the first choice at a candidate? And avoid wasting time and resources processing a candidate to have them accept a role elsewhere? Now you can!

Stop competing with other hiring managers in local branches and have the power to process a candidate’s initial application before it becomes available to other recruiters.

Exclusivity Periods TribePad ATS

TribePad introduce Exclusivity Periods

Exclusivity is a status that is set against a candidate based on their first application to the company.

Dependant upon the brand, this application can remain exclusive to the hiring manager who posted the vacancy for a set period of time e.g 2 weeks, 1 month or 2 month. During this time frame neither the candidate nor the application are visible to any other hiring manager or area manager within the company, and will not appear in CV Search, Tag Lists or Suggested Candidate List. A candidate cannot therefore be offered an alternative role. This allows the initial hiring manager to have first choice over the candidate deciding on whether they wish to hire them prior to making the application open to the entire company.

Benefits of Exclusivity Periods

Companies have the ability to decide the length of time that an application remains exclusive to a hiring manager.
Each branch or store could notice improvements in data analytics and conversion rates as candidates are locked into their initial application for the exclusivity period. Other benefits could be:

  • An improvement in conversion rates; a hiring manager could feel that the candidate isn’t right for the initial vacancy applied for, but a perfect fit for an alternative role. This increases a hiring manager’s talent pools, making it easier to fill vacancies as hiring managers can simply add a candidate straight to an alternative vacancy
  • A reduction in communications and associated costs; the company as a whole will send fewer emails and invitations to candidates as hiring managers won’t be contacting the same candidates from talent pools during the exclusivity period
  • An improved chance of a candidate being employed; during the exclusivity period, the candidate’s application is scored. Once the exclusivity period is over, the candidate could appear in multiple talent pools, have an improved chance of employment based on any other applications submitted, along with the processing completed by the initial hiring manager applying tags and putting applicants into suggested candidate lists
  • Improved opportunities for candidates; as candidates are locked into the hiring process for their initial application for the exclusivity period, the hiring manager has the ability to put them forward for alternative roles that might be better suited

See below how it works:

1) Candidate applies for a vacancy with the company. This is their first application.

Candidate Application to Vacancy

summary of application for vacancy

2) Hiring Manager who posted the vacancy is able to see the candidate’s application.

Candidate Found in CV Search

Suggested lists TribePad ATS

3) Hiring Managers from any other branch or store are unable to locate the candidate in CV Search, Suggested Candidates Lists or Tags Lists. This also does not appear on the dashboard under latest applicants.Searching for candidate

CV Search TribePad

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