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Find talent quicker and save time with Broadbean Candidate Search

May 12, 2016 9:13 am by
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Have access to more candidates, search through more CVs, search through more candidate databases and fill vacancies more quickly.

If you are a Broadbean customer, you can now increase your talent pools with more top candidates and fill vacancies more quickly. TribePad’s candidate search now integrates with Broadbean so that you can find candidates across your job boards and import them into TribePad.

Recruiters who have access to Broadbean’s candidate search can now start their search in TribePad to search in both TribePad and Broadbean.  Recruiters can then import candidate records from Broadbean into TribePad.

This feature gives recruiters access to larger talent pools and passive candidates, which can save more money on advertising and agency costs.

Broadbean Candidate Search

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