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New Reporting Platform!

September 16, 2015 8:00 am by
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New Reporting Platform!

We are pleased to announce that we are investing heavily in creating a totally new team within TribePad which is dedicated to data. The team’s remit is twofold.  Firstly to ensure that our new MIS tool does everything that our clients want it to do. Secondly, to make certain that it is industry leading and a source of envy for our competitors.  They own MIS, Candidate Matching, Candidate Search, Profiling & 3rd party data aggregation and have been given the remit of “Nothing is off the table!”.

To set them up to succeed we have invested over £100k in our infrastructure and resources to ensure that whatever they produce is not only fast but blindingly fast!

It comes equipped with:

Loads of pretty graphs! ✔

Filtering of reports by loads of different variables! ✔
Tailored to mobile, tablet and desktops! ✔
Schedule reports and email them automatically! ✔
Real time reporting! ✔
And much MUCH more! ✔

So without further ado, here’s a sneak preview of some of the great features you can expect to see in the first phase of the MIS platform:

Loads of pretty graphs!


Filtering of reports by loads of different variables!


Not only can you create filters from many different variables, but you can also use those filter across all reports without having to reenter them.  This will save you precious time!  You can also save reports and send them to a colleague with a simple link.



Tailored to mobile, tablet and desktops!


Stuck on the bus and need to get that report out – no problem!  The platform works on all mobile devices and lets you send the data quickly and effortlessly!


Schedule reports and email them automatically!


Create a scheduled report and email it to colleagues (or yourself) when you need it. Receive a password protected file with the data results in your inbox as you start the day. No more waiting around for reports to run.


Real time reporting!


You can also download your data into a CSV or drill down into the core data via the web application!




Not only bringing considerable speed improvements, the new MIS platform also shows off a completely new Dashboard and feel, with a wide range of reports.  Importantly, it also allows you to customise how your TTH (Time To Hire) report is calculated, specifically at which point you want this period to start from (eg: job authorised) and end from (eg: date hired).

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect to see.

On the Dashboard you are presented with some generic information, such as number of job applications made.  These can be filtered by country.  Beneath this, you can see a daily summary of visitors and  you will also have access to geographic data – where visitors are coming from.




On the settings page, you will see that you are able to set the start and end time for your Time To Hire report with an easy to use slider.  You are also able to view any scheduled reports that will be emailed to users of the platform at the specified times.



In the Jobs menu
, you can see the various reports that you are able to run that refer to your jobs, For example, you can run a report on any roles that you have offered to job seekers using the Offers report.



In the Candidates menu, you can run reports on how the Diversity (or Equal Opportunities) questionnaire has been answered, how your questionnaire questions have been answered, any tags that have been used and information about any communities that have been built.




In the Recruiters menu, you will be able to see the reports that you can run to show you how your recruiters have been performing.




Under the Questionnaires menu, you can view a list of all Questionnaires that have been used on your platform, showing the number of questions used, the number of people that have completed the questions, when it was launched and who created it. You can also filter by job reference, if you just want to look at a questionnaire used in a specific job.



Lastly, we have the trends menu, where you can see various different trends across the platform for your business including forecasting and predictive trends.


We only had time to show you a small amount. But rest assured there is much much more to come.  We will provide logins to our clients during February and once inside you can directly provide the Data Team with feedback on the platform and ask for any enhancements that you think are worthwhile exploring.

We’re not arrogant enough to think that we have it perfect first time so we would love you hear your thoughts and recommendations on what you would like to see to make it better for you!

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