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March 15, 2016 11:04 am by
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Progress Bar TribePad

Candidates can instantly see exactly where they are in the recruitment process. The extended progress bar can help to motivate candidates, to progress past what they might have previously viewed as a challenge.

This feature was designed to increase the quality of applications received, i.e to let the candidate know exactly where they’re at in the application process, how far they’ve come & how far they’ve yet to go until completion.

When candidates have an improved visibility of where they are in the process, they’re more likely to complete the application in a shortened time, as they are guided through the steps as quickly as possible. TribePad has made improvements on the candidate progress bar, allowing you (if desired), to show the candidate where they are at in the application process in detail. This can be tailored by the recruiter at the job creation stage, turning the feature on or off at the ‘user journey’ stage.


Progress Bar

When a candidate visits the careers site from an external page to apply for a role, they will always be presented with an alert which informs the candidate that they have begun the application process.

Progress Bar

A) At this stage, if the recruiter has chosen to not show the progress bar at all, the candidate will see the following:

Progress Bar TribePad

As you can see from the image, if you use this method it won’t display which stage the candidate is at in the application process. Therefore, they do not have any knowledge or an estimate of how many steps there are to the application process.

B) If the recruiter has chosen to turn on the progress bar, but not the extended version, the candidate will see the following:

Progress Bar

This shows the number of steps left in the application process, but not how much detail is required at each step.

C) If the recruiter has chosen to turn on the progress bar with extended view, the candidate will see the following:

Progress Bar

This splits the progress bar into the number of sections you configure on the job advert. This bar then shows the step numbers with clear headings, allowing the candidate a greater visibility and insight as to what to expect in the process. They could therefore spend more time on their preparation, which may result in an improved standards in the application process.

The candidate may also have an improved understanding of the amount of time left on the application, motivating them to complete the process. It still does not however inform the candidate on how much information is required at each stage, but by seeing clear headings e.g. ‘CV UPLOAD’, the candidate expects at this stage to have to upload a digital CV. They could then go and make preparations for this stage in advance if necessary.

The Benefits

Each option above gives the candidate a slightly different experience, with the obvious benefits from greater visibility, therefore being subconsciously encouraged to complete their application.

The benefits to the recruiter are the stronger engagement and conversion rates.

Use the progress bar, and enjoy stronger application numbers as a result!

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