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Yes, that’s us waving at you!

April 18, 2016 9:26 am by
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Recruiter Alerting SystemPing! Beep! Chirp Chirp! There are so many alerts that get sent through to us on a daily basis; a text message, a new email, a voicemail. These are all fantastic ways of telling us that we have notifications to read, messages to listen to or updates to be provided.

You probably speak with your Account Manager on a regular basis, or at least receive our monthly newsletters. But wouldn’t it be great if you were informed straight away of a new feature, or a new benefit when using TribePad?
We’ve introduced a new little feature that shows the TribePad hand waving at you when we’ve got something important to tell you. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding:

  • New features
  • Scheduled maintenance reminders
  • Top tips
  • Or it might just be us saying hello!

To find out what we’re trying to tell you, simply click on the hand at the top of the dashboard and read the updates. Once read, the hand will disappear and will no longer distract you away from your work.


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