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Quality over quantity- restriction groups

June 3, 2016 11:00 am by
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Do you have candidates applying for multiple vacancies within your company? Sending the same application through over and over again for similar roles?

We know that when graduates leave university, they are desperate to find a job. Using restriction groups, TribePad can prevent candidates (graduates or not) from submitting multiple applications for similar jobs.

By choosing to apply a restriction group, you decide how many vacancies candidates can apply for, and the time frame for your types of jobs. Once that time period has elapsed, the candidate will be able to apply for other vacancies in the same restriction group. Filter through applications from candidates who really want the role as opposed to any role.

The new addition to the feature allows the candidate to apply for an additional vacancy if one of their existing applications is completely processed into either ‘hired’, ‘rejected’ or ‘withdrawn’, before the time frame has elapsed.

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