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Saved by the Search

March 17, 2016 1:50 pm by
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Never miss a candidate again! Ensure that you locate the best talent for a repeating vacancy in a matter of minutes.

Saved Search TribePad

So, why save your search?

You spend so much time perfecting your search for a repeating role with the right keywords, right filters, and search terms, so why wouldn’t you save it? You can then come back in a day, or a weeks time, run the search and view the candidates that have since applied. Don’t repeat work if you don’t have to.

  • Stop running new searches daily and use existing saved searches to create efficiencies! Pick up the search from your saved list, run it again as often as you need to. You can edit the criteria further still, rename it to save it again.
  • Stop relying on your memory to remember complex criteria for a repeating role. You (the recruiter) can perfect your (often complicated) Boolean search criteria and save it, run it, and capture any newly registered candidates each time
  • Saved Search captures all candidates within TribePad who meet your criteria, including brand new registrations.

A step-by-step guide to Saved Search

Step 1) Select ‘Advanced Search’.

Saved Search TribePad

Step 2) Using the Advanced Search, set your criteria to find your ideal candidate for the vacancy, then click ‘Search’.

Saved Search TribePad

Saved Search TribePad

Step 3) Fine tune your search by adding more criteria or by using the additional filters, as found on the left of the screen –

Saved Search TribePad

Step 4) When you’re happy with the search criteria and wish to save it, simply select ‘Save search’ and create a name for the search. This will then be stored in the tab ‘Saved searches’, ready for you to run again.

Saved Search

Step 5) When you recall your saved search in the future, you’ll find that as your talent pools increase there will be more results delivered, as all newly registered candidates who meet your criteria will be captured also.

Saved Search TribePad


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