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Your customisable dashboard

May 23, 2016 11:50 am by
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Everything is becoming customisable. Even the dashboard in a car! You can have the gears on the steering wheel, along with the buttons to control the radio – everything you need to make the ride more enjoyable and personal to you. We’ve done something very similar!

We released our new dashboard last month, and we are continually working to make improvements to help you work the way you want to.

We know it’s important to view key pieces of information and improve your visibility. We’ve now given you the capability to move parts of the dashboard around so that you can view the reports and data that is important to you.

Simply select the crossed-over double edged arrows on the section you want to move and drag the box to where you desire it to be placed. The blue bar will highlight to you where the box will be placed. Once moved, this will automatically be saved.

We really hope you like the new changes!

TribePad Dashboard



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