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Upcoming Features 11.3.16

March 14, 2016 10:54 am by
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At TribePad we don’t like to stand still too long. It has a tendency to get cold in Sheffield, so we’re always moving and making things happen. Recently, whilst trying to keep warm, when the latest batch of snow came around, we were working on the following:

Candidates Notes Summary

Want to see the last 5 interactions between you and the candidate? Or notes made by you or your colleagues from within the ATS, without having to go into the candidate’s profile? You now can! This saves time & improves the candidate and your experience. The feature lets you get on with more important things in your life!

Apply with Indeed

Indeed TribePad ATS

We’re implementing a new button. It allows a candidate on Indeed to apply for a job that you are recruiting for, with just that one button. No more data entry duplicates, and therefore errors in applications. No more frustrated candidates. With improved conversion rates and happier people (you and the candidate), what’s not to like?

Auto Withdrawal of Candidates

Do you have candidates that start an application and then wander off to watch their favourite TV Show and forget to come back? TribePad alerts them of unfinished applications, but sometimes a show is just too good to miss so they take forever! You’re therefore left with incomplete applications which will need to be sifted through. Well no more! Lazy, easily distracted candidates will be auto withdrawn from the application process if they take too long. You set the time allowed so it’s consistent across the brand. You get to move on and work with candidates who can focus long enough and actually want to work with your great business.
If you have some great ideas which you think would make TribePad better. Talk to us!

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