Real time, powerful Analytics

TribePad’s industry leading real-time analytics allows you to get all your data in one place at your fingertips. No more wading through excel spreadsheets doubting the information given to you – with so many channels and functions to track we bring the data into one place so you can see where your candidates and hires come from. Save money and focus on the channels that are working for you.

Powerful search

Search across your database of candidates and across the Internet in seconds. We guarantee that you will be able to search through 1,000,000 candidates in less than 2 seconds using our patent-pending search & matching technology. Our platform not only allows a recruiter to tag a candidates profile but it can be set up to automatically tag candidates based on their previous history or their social footprint. Our unique Talent2 engine not only knows how to rank candidates based on their résumé, but also on how far they got through previous applications, what their social footprint says about them, what roles they have applied for, and what recruiters are saying about them. All of this power comes in a really easy to use interface that just works!

Recruiter tools

Fill your jobs with minimum of cost and the maximum of talent. Match, search, tag, pool, refer and invite candidates to apply for your jobs.

Engage your talent

With TribePad you can open a world of micro communities, resources, forums and groups to help future talent get to know you. Using the tagging feature you can create talent pools based on skills, location and job roles, which are fully searchable across the platform.

Attract the right talent

The first stage of recruiting the right person is to spread the word that starts the right conversation. In addition to the highest quality SEO methods, TribePad integrates with Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, as well as job aggregators, leading job boards and your very own careers pages.

What our clients say about us

We are starting to see some significant ROI in terms of cost saving, reduction in time to hire and greater engagement since the implementation of TribePad a year ago. From decreasing our agency usage, increasing our internal hiring and engaging with internal and external candidates the platform allows us to perform all these tasks and more to deliver a recruitment service our fast moving business expects.

Melanie Hayes – Sodexo

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