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Sweaty Betty careers page launched

April 15, 2016 1:44 pm by
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No sweat is broken today as TribePad are celebrating global fashion brand Sweaty Betty choosing to implement the Social ATS.

The brand which was founded in 1998 has quickly expanded.  The multi-channel fitness brand has over 40 boutiques throughout the UK, 8 in the United States plus an online British and American store.

TribePad who won the contract over competitors including iCIMS, will provide Sweaty Betty with an easy to use, unified platform for talent acquisition and the hiring process.  

Sweaty Betty expects to receive thousands of applicants in their first year of using TribePad.

Michael Rose, TribePad’s Account Manager for Sweaty Betty said “We’re very excited to have Sweaty Betty on board!  We know that TribePad will provide the ability for Sweaty Betty’s People Team to hire top talent quickly and efficiently”.

The branded careers page, will help to maximise efficiencies through automation whilst reducing time to hire with data analytics, plus many other benefits and features.  This will align Sweaty Betty’s global recruitment process providing consistency throughout the brand.

TribePad was founded by former CTO of Plusnet, Dean Sadler, in 2008.

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