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James Bailey joins Tribepad as Head of Customer Support and Training

September 9, 2014 9:07 am by
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James Bailey: Head of Customer Support and Training

I’ve been working in Tribepad for coming up to 3 month’s now, having come from a completely separate industry (telecommunications) where I worked for about 13 years (’01-’14) with a few different companies, so moving into an entirely different industry has presented its own challenges. From a Customer Support point of view there’s also been a number of transferable aspects. Normally, I hate using acronyms that were forced fed into me during my previous job, but KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) and SMART (Simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) are two that I would never (except here!) address by name, but are massively relevant to my role.

Since I started, I’ve been focussing and encouraging the team to focus on the above. It is of course, of utmost importance that our customer do not have to chase us for anything that they have raised – they should always know the latest on anything that they have asked us to address, without needing to ask us to do so.

One of my aims over the coming months, supported by our own recruitment programme, is to ensure that we become more proactive. I want us to be in a place, where should the very worst happen, and we experience a period of downtime, our customers are informed straight away, be that by email or a phone call, so they don’t have to call us to let us know that they are experiencing difficulties.

I also want to be able to look at extending the number of ways in which we interact with our customers. I fully recognise that different people like to contact us in different ways. Of course we already offer telephone and email contact, but I also want us to be able to engage in an instant chat function via our website, to provide a more timely response, without needing to call or wait for an email reply, as well as engaging through various forms of social media.

Naturally, I want us to do all this, whilst continuing to drive down our average response times and average closure times so our customers don’t have to wait to have resolution on the important issues that could prevent them from being able to perform their own day to day roles as efficiently as possible.


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