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Video Interviewing; A Candidate’s Perspective

January 15, 2016 3:19 pm by
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Video interviews are suddenly becoming a top priority for HR professionals and recruiters; but what is this down to? What benefits can recruiters see by implementing this technology?

A video interview can be either a two-way live conference between a candidate and a potential employer, or it can be a one-way pre-recorded video. Both have their advantages and are a beneficial tool in the recruitment industry. Video interviewing has the power to bring the candidate and recruiter together irrespective of geographical location, reducing travel expense and time. For the recruiter, video interviewing is beneficial as it;

  • Enables the recruiter to view, save and share the pre-recorded interview at a convenient time
  • Reduces costs on meeting room charges, hiring managers time, and candidate travel expenses
  • Doesn’t need to be viewed by multiple managers/HR employees at the same time
  • Doesn’t lose the quality of a face-to-face interview
  • Creates a positive brand image to the candidates and members of the public
  • Efficient- recruiter can flick through responses quickly and view many per hour vs interviewing a candidate face to face per hour

TribePad Video Interviewing Platform

Video interviewing, especially that which is a one way recording, can benefit the candidate by:

  • Having the ability to complete the interview at their convenience; time doesn’t need to be taken out from work and can be even completed on evenings or at weekends and being mobile in whatever location suits them
  • Providing a new experience, developing their skills for future applications
  • Having that extra couple of seconds to think about what’s being asked of them, prior to recording their answer

Candidates who are now joining the workforce are those from the millennial and Gen Z generation. These individuals are very tech savvy, looking for vacancies on mobile phones and tablets. Despite this, when conducting video interviews, the majority of candidates prefer to use desktop laptops or computers in the comfort of their own home. It’s worth noting this as it’s vital that company websites and careers sites are mobile optimised.

Companies implementing video interviewing as part of their recruitment efforts have the ability to view and reflect on not only the candidate’s answers, but also on their body language, behaviour, and appearance; building a more in-depth and well-rounded picture of who the candidate is and what they can offer. As a result, recruiters can evaluate candidates more efficiently in comparison to telephone interviews which don’t reveal the whole picture, hiring the right individual for the vacancy.

TribePad is offering a THREE MONTH FREE TRIAL of their Video Interviewing Platform! Don’t forget to contact us for more information on or 0114 275 75 80

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