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10 Terms Everyone In Recruitment Should Know

January 18, 2016 9:27 am by
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Global digitalisation has completely changed the technicalities of recruitment. Today, recruitment is practiced from offices to recruitment software and also taught in the universities. If you want to join the field of recruitment professionally or launch your own recruitment platform, you should be aware of the following 10 terms used in everyday recruitment operations.

Candidate Management

Candidate management refers to a systematic approach of attracting candidates, selecting potential ones, scheduling interviews, and making shortlists of the most capable applicants. Candidate management facilitation includes devices like telephones and computers and digital approaches like using SMS and social media.

Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System or ATS simply refers to recruitment software applications. Different software applications serve different purposes ranging from finding potential candidates to recruiting employees and managing customer relations.

C-Level Jobs

C-level jobs refer to highest level senior jobs like CEO and CTO.


It is one of the most commonly used terminologies. Benefits refer to incentives and programs offered to employees. The benefits are not included in the basic salary of employees. Insurance, paid maternity leaves, parking permit, permission to work in flexible hours, paid extra holidays, incentives on the basis of competition and scoring, and all such programs are included in the benefits.

Recruitment Timeline

The process, steps, and time required for completing the recruitment of one candidate is called recruitment timeline.

Sourcing and Social Recruitment

These are two different terms that are indirectly connected with each other. Social recruiting refers to the use of social media for finding and recruiting candidates. Sourcing refers to networking and searching in different professional streams for finding candidates including the social media and professional conferences.

Talent Pool or Pipeline

Most of the companies establish pools of profiles as backup storage of talented candidates. These are called talent pools or talent pipelines. If any one of the employees resigns from the post without completing post-resignation tenure, the position can be immediately refilled with the use of talent pools or pipelines.

Talent Acquisition

Some positions in the companies require specific types of talent for job completion. The ability to hire specific talent for a specific job is called talent acquisition.

Boolean or Boolean Search

George Boole, the famous computer pioneer and mathematician created this term. Boolean search or Boolean is a systematic process of logical thinking and finding ways of optimising your search for specific jobs. For example, if you want to search candidates for Project Managers in the field of Construction, you can use different keywords like Construction Project Manager, Construction Engineer, and others to optimise your online search. The tactics of Boolean search differ on the basis of medium you are using to search the candidates.

Data Migration

It refers to moving your candidates’ data and employees’ data from one computer to another or from individual files to the recruitment software application. Data migration can become a tough process due to programming differences in recruitment software applications.

As a recruitment professional, you need to get your hands on all important terminologies used in recruitment processes. We have picked the ten most commonly used terms for easing your search.

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