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4 Reasons You Need A Recruitment System

October 28, 2015 9:19 am by
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With thousands of people applying for jobs and sending you their CVs, why would need a recruitment system? Why can’t you just advertise your job positions on your company website and social media?

Talent attraction is the very beginning of the recruitment process, you still have to manage candidate applications and CVs, put candidates forward for jobs and all the other steps for each unsuccessful and successful candidate. Traditional methods include manually sifting through applications in order to shortlist potential talent for roles. We all remember how time consuming this can be. And then you’ve still got to arrange interviews, and fill other positions too.

So what’s the best way to simplify this process? By implementing a recruitment system, you can scan CVs for keywords in less than a second, send candidates vacancies, interview dates and times plus many other features.

Need more reasons to purchase a recruitment system?

1) It allows you to improve your talent acquisition
Recruitment systems are developing at a fast rate, with further features being added at the demand of the recruiter.

  • CV screening
  • Automated job posting
  • Multiple management
  • Social media integration
  • OFCCP compliant
  • Talent pooling
  • Referrals

2) Screening and Filtering Tools
The recruitment system filters through thousands of CVs and candidate profiles, saving you time and money. As a recruiter, you set the filters to search for different parameters i.e. region, experience, job title, skills to locate top talent in the system. the system can pull information on a candidate from social media allowing for a more accurate profile of the candidate to be created. Traditional methods would entail hours of work for just a handful of candidates to be considered.

3) Money is saved and time isn’t wasted
As you’ve read, the recruitment system removes the time spent looking through CVs. This allows for more efforts to be made on other aspects of the business and in recruitment. Money is therefore saved, as the time spent filling each position is reduced. Money spent on advertising and agency fees is also reduced, as the recruiter is able to locate top talent more effectively.

4) Talent Pooling
Tagging candidates with keywords provides the recruiter with the ability to locate talent easier and quicker within the system. In addition to this, candidates are added to specific talent pools based on which tags the recruiter has applied. This large database of candidates makes finding the right talent for the job easier to fill, again, reducing the cost and time it takes to hire.

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