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Christmas; An Important Time For Your Recruitment Strategies

November 23, 2015 11:10 am by
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You may think that Christmas is when everything stops in recruitment. Job applications tend to slow down as individuals begin to focus on Christmas. But it will soon be January and the mad dash for candidates to create a fresh start begins!

Many make New Year’s resolutions, ‘new year, new job’, ‘new year, new you’. January is the time when recruiters see an influx in applications. Towards the end of December, many re-evaluate their work and life situation due to the reduced workload and time away from the office. Will you be ready?

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Make the most of the quiet times in December, in preparation for the New Year. Look deeper into your analytics. Where are my candidates coming from? Which form of advertising is achieving the highest conversion to employment? Once you’ve looked into your data, make a plan of attack. Where best is your marketing budget spent? Ensure that your recruitment strategies are on point.


In December, individuals are away from work on holiday, or at work but pushing project deadlines back until the New Year, allowing for more time to relax and browse the internet. This is an opportunity for potential candidates to see employer branding. Do you have consistent company branding within your recruitment platform, website and social media sites? Creating an improved brand image attracts further talent, making you an employer of choice when compared to your competitors. It demonstrates consistency and company pride. Sharing relevant company data to make you more transparent such as employee testimonials, allows for candidates to get a better understanding of your corporate culture and ethics. It presents candidates with more resources, a better understanding of the company and further reasoning to apply for the position.


Knowing that you’ll have vacancies in January, means that you should be advertising those positions now. Don’t wait until the New Year, get your company ahead of the game. Provide exciting opportunities for candidates now. A new job could be something that really changes their lives for the better.

Utilise free time

With no career fairs and reduced workloads, recruiters can focus their efforts on pro-actively sourcing high quality candidates. It’s easier at this time of year, for potential candidates to take phone calls from recruiters and attend interviews. Companies are aware of the increase in social activity for employees and tend to be more lenient when it comes to answering calls or nipping out of the office.

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