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The Importance of Company Branding and your ATS

October 21, 2015 9:55 am by
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Are you advertising your jobs in front of the right audience? By using a recruitment system, you have the ability to push job openings via a range of platforms including social media, ensuring that you are targeting your desired audience. It is important that you are not only pushing out vacancies but your brand too. Your brand acts as a promise to the customer; what they can expect to find when it comes to products and services.

By offering great employer branding, you are promoting the company’s culture, values and mission, in turn making the company more attractive. Authentic branding will present a more appealing front to those candidates who are actively seeking out a job within your company, making you an employer of choice. It demonstrates uniqueness, setting your company aside from your competitors. Branding does not just consist of a good logo, it is the use of graphics, specific phrases and words that reflect your business. The more individuals that are brought through to your website, or careers site, the more likely they are to sign up to newsletters, create candidate profiles and engage with your company further.

More and more companies are recruiting online, using social media. It is therefore essential that you put your company at a competitive advantage and stand out against the crowd. By building up social media presence and implementing a recruitment system, specifically an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you are doing just that. An ATS that promotes your company branding and vision, will help your teams recruitment efforts. It helps to attract the right talent, and delivers the best candidate experience, with your brand sticking in the minds of active and passive candidates. It also improves the likeliness that the candidates who are applying for the roles, are those who fit in with your culture and brand. Employees who fit in with the company and understand its culture and ethics are more likely to stay, reducing staff turnover and saving recruitment costs.

If your company has a strong talent brand, whereby the thoughts from individuals surrounding the company are positive, the cost per hire and turnover rates will be reduced. Good reasons to improve your branding include raising awareness about your company, increased positive perceptions of the company and the quality of talent being hired.

Brand consistency is vital throughout the entire recruitment process for a candidate. Clear, consistent layouts improve candidate experience and user experience, avoiding any confusion. Improved candidate engagement ensures that applications aren’t left open, half completed or job offerings rejected. TribePad’s ATS enables the candidate to see exactly where they are in the process, apply for multiple roles and offers a more interactive social ATS. The company culture can be reinforced through social media, sharing the company story through videos, images, employee testimonials and updates.

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