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Do you know how to conduct the perfect interview?

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Lady being interviewed by two recruiters

Interviews are common; they’re being carried out every day, at every single minute of the day all over the world. It’s, therefore important that you discover the many secrets on how to conduct successful interviews where you will gain the best results from the meeting. Interviews take different forms, and this article aims at informing you the various factors that you should consider to ensure that you have prepared adequately for the interview. The interview could involve the recruitment of new employees and you, therefore, have to use the best tips to help you in gaining the best positive results from the interview.

Maintain eye contact

Eye contact is essential. It gives you the chance to concentrate on what the candidate is saying. The candidate also feels valued when they notice that you’re paying attention, as indicated by the eye contact. The interview becomes a meaningful experience since both of you start speaking with insight since you’re paying attention to each other. One of the things that will make the interview have a real progress, is if you’re able to respond to your candidate using the appropriate body language.

Give the relevant facial expressions

One of the things that will make the interview have a real progress is if you’re able to respond to your company using the appropriate facial expressions. A smile will always help in keeping the respondent glued to you and you’ll realise that they’ll start feeling comfortable in sharing information. Nodding your head to signify acceptance is also important since it shows that you’re in agreement with everything that is being said by the respondent. The respondents will also feel comfortable since they will be assured that you’re listening to them and interested.

Make the respondent feel comfortable

One of the aims of the interview is making the individual who is being interviewed to feel at ease and experience comfort so that they can share everything that they wish to. Once they’re comfortable with you, they might share even some information that they never intended to. By making the respondents feel comfortable, it ensures that both you and the candidate communicate in a neutral environment.

Don’t be offensive

Avoid using negative words during the interview so that the candidate can feel comfortable and notice no signs of intimidation. Using negative words will make the interviewee feel uncomfortable and they may get offended and end up giving you biased information. Being approachable will make the candidate feel at ease and the interview will run smoothly.

Find new ways separate from the past

You may have conducted interviews in the past, but you should try to employ new methods, so that you’re always improving. Adapting a new way of interviewing will help you in avoiding similar mistakes that might have been made in the past.

Prepare yourself before the interview

Prepare yourself adequately before conducting the interview, ensure that you’re at ease and that you have a clear overview of what vacancy you shall be interviewing for. Conducting the perfect interview is an art form that is often overlooked by human resources managers. Even experienced recruiters get caught up in their experience, and fail to improve on their strategy. For both recruiter and interviewee, staying calm and communicating efficiently is critical during an interview. These are just a few tips to aid you with the interview process.


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