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Generation, Y?

October 6, 2015 8:08 am by
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Gen Y or Generation Y are individuals who were born in the 80’s and early 90’s. They have been brought up and raised through the boom of the technological era. They are therefore technically literate and are very connected to people, places, companies and more. Gen Y’s have been pampered and indulged, so it’s no surprise how different their expectations are when looking for jobs. According the HR Magazine, “by 2025, members of Generation Y will make up 70% of the global workforce”. So what do recruiters need to know?

Due to the technological advancements during the 80’s and 90’s, Gen Y’s have huge amounts of confidence and are tech-savvy in comparison to the generation before them. It is therefore important that recruiters understand not only where candidates will be looking for jobs, but what they expect to find, and what they expect from a company.

The obvious source for talent acquisition of Gen Y candidates is through social media platforms, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to hire the best candidates if you don’t understand what they are looking for. Gen Y’s have grown up with TV, video games and the Internet, so the way in which a brand attracts the Gen Y generation means it must be highly responsive, have a great user experience and their recruiters must offer relationship based recruitment methods. Relationship recruitment involves building long-term relationships with candidates, specifically engaging passive candidates; so that when the time is right, they will be highly likely to return to the careers website to apply for a job. It is therefore important that an attractive consistent brand is portrayed, which makes a lasting impression for the future candidate.

When looking at jobs, Gen Y’s look for:

  • Flexibility; Flexible working hours and locations. The ability to work from home as well as at the office is preferential. The phase of ‘living to work’ has definitely been turned around. Gen Y want a work-life balance and a job must be able to accommodate candidates personal lives.
  • Nurturing Corporate Culture; Candidates want to know that the company they work for, will be a place where they can make strong friendships not only with co-workers but bosses as well. Gen Y’s are more likely to stay in a role for longer if they love the people they work with.
  • Recognition Platforms; Praise and recognition is what Gen Y’s have been used to their entire life, therefore it is important that companies introduce programs or nominate employees for awards to show appreciation.
  • Advancement Opportunities; Despite Gen Y’s getting bored easily, and not being seen as loyal; they do look for companies who offer a path to success. They seek a company more who values their advancement and progression.
  • Lifelong Learning; Gen Y’s want the ability to constantly learn and grow, seeking new opportunities and developing their personal and professional growth.
  • Challenges; Gen Y’s get bored very easily and are constantly looking for challenges. They are not interested in the same hours and the same tasks day in day out. They look for change and challenges on a daily basis where they can fully apply themselves with the end result being the feeling of positivity, knowing that they have made a difference.
  • Competitive Salaries; With the rise in University and study fees, students are completing education with larger amounts of debt. The salary demand is therefore higher in order to plan to reduce debt.
  • Business Casual Dress Code; The desire to work in an environment where they can be themselves, is something that Gen Y’s look for. This generation has more piercings and tattoos than any other, so it is important that company’s show acceptance in order to promote individuality and creativity. This can be achieved though a casual dress code.

Companies should not stereotype Gen Y candidates and in order to attract and retain them, it is vital that recruiters understand them. There is technology available to help with recruitment demands and market jobs to the right candidates. Recruitment software such as TribePad’s Applicant Tracking System helps to attract, engage, and manage candidates during the recruitment process, providing the opportunity to funnel all sources into one simplified, manageable platform. By implementing an ATS, your company will be better positioned in a talent-rich market to attract and attain high quality talent and the right candidate for the job.

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