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How technology has changed the recruitment process

November 9, 2015 1:16 pm by
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How individuals apply for jobs and how recruiters source talent has completely changed due to the improvements in technology. Companies are now making use of recruiting software in order to locate and attract top talent.

We list below a few trends to keep in mind when recruiting and making improvements to your recruitment process.


Both the company and the candidate are transparent. Information is now available on candidates through social media sites, providing insights into their personal life. This allows the recruiter to have a better understanding as to whether they would fit in with the company  culture. On the other hand, company information such as culture, pay rate and morale can be found on the internet, allowing for the candidate to look underneath the company branded image. Candidates no longer need to start a new job blind, with minimal understanding of employee experience, culture and ethics.


Job seekers don’t want to spend large amount of time filling in forms, creating accounts on websites with poor user experience. They want value for the time spent when job hunting. An effective recruitment system allows for social media profiles or CVs to be parsed, completing the majority of fields when applying. In addition to this, the recruiter wants to fill positions more efficiently, and therefore have the same ability on the recruitment system. Social media profiles provide the recruiter with more information about a candidate than any CV can.

Human Appearance

When candidates apply for jobs via social media, a recruiter views a profile along with a photo which provides the recruiter with a peek into the lives of the candidates. It is no longer just a name on a piece of paper. Company profiles provide employee testimonials and showing the company in a more human and transparent light.


Lots of applicants now have university degrees but the best qualification candidates can have is skills i.e. an aspiring digital marketer might have a blog, or perhaps their own SEO rich website. Many positions now involve technology and companies are looking for tech savvy candidates. Building a portfolio of work achieved and experience gained puts candidates in a better position when competing against others.

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