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In House Recruiters – think like an agent!

December 5, 2014 3:29 pm by
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Back in the dinosaur days as an agency recruiter we used to actually stick a label on a file with the amount of money that candidate was worth to us if we placed them in the role they wanted at the salary they wanted – sounds mercenary right? Bet your bottom dollar it was….however it was the way the world worked then and the way we, as sales based recruiters, were rewarded – I won’t go into the whole reward based culture of a third party agency as that is a whole other debate however I will say this……….

  • It made it real (it focused our minds that we were in an increasingly commoditised industry)
  • It made it serious (this was our job)
  • It made it important (it put food on our table and paid the rent)
  • It made it urgent (it was this month’s commission)
  • It made it vital (it was our living)

Which made us :

  • Focused
  • Passionate
  • Fast
  • Determined

All these things above is how you, as an in house recruiter, should be acting/thinking/doing – I’m not talking about putting dollar signs on every applicant that touches you via email / ATS / Social or networking however what I am talking about is how the outcomes of the structure we worked within made us damn good at what we did and there is no reason an in house function shouldn’t adopt this in a KPI’d approach – create an SLA with the business – be penalised as a function if you don’t meet the SLA but penalise the business if they don’t either.

Treat your database as your sales database – see where you can place the existing talent on your “books” within your business – be proactive – speak to hiring managers – don’t just wait for reqs – and don’t paper push – be the recruiter you would want working on your behalf.

There is a metric that is ignored which I think is one of the most important metrics an in house recruiter should work to – “The cost of not recruiting” – how many of you have worked out what the cost of not finding the Marketing Director for 6 months is? What’s the cost of not having your call centre supported sufficiently out of hours? What’s the cost of not having people on the floor stacking shelves with more product you can sell?

Sort out your own metrics – the drivers in every business is different but act like an agent (a secret one if needs be ;)) but change your view on your candidates and utilise everyone like they have dollar signs on their heads.

Agree? Disagree? Would love to hear your views

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