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How your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can help drive quality of hire

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Hiring a candidate is not as simple as looking at their CV to see if they have the skills to do the job advertised

Applicant tracking systems can help businesses achieve
quality hires whilst also saving money on the cost of recruitment.

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Whilst finding candidates with the right skills is an essential part of a recruiter’s role, they are also required to compare candidates with each other in order to make sure they choose the best candidate for the role.With recruiters receiving hundreds of applications for every vacancy, many find it beneficial to use applicant tracking systems to help them sort through and identify the best candidates. Here we will explain how an ATS like TribePad can help drive quality of hire through your organisation.

What is an ATS?

An applicant tracking system is a technology platform that has been designed to facilitate recruiters in their mission to hire the right talent for their job roles. In order to do this it gathers useful data that can be analysed and used to make well informed decisions.

Improves the decision making progress

Applicant tracking systems use real time data, quality metrics and talent intelligence to help recruiters make better business decisions. By providing them with accurate and insightful information, applicant tracking systems help recruiters to facilitate a fair decision making process. By having access to this information, recruiters are more likely to make the right hire decision, therefore improving the quality of their recruitment process.

Increases productivity

ATS technology also helps businesses to increase productivity. If you think about how many CVs and application forms companies receive when they advertise a vacancy, you can imagine just how long it takes recruiters to sort through them. Applicant tracking systems save businesses time filtering candidates, sorting CVs and ranking shortlists by identifying selected criteria. This gives recruiters more time to talk to candidates and get to know them during the interview process, helping them to make the right decision.

Increasing retention

By increasing the likelihood of the right person being recruited for a role, applicant tracking systems can help businesses achieve higher retention rates.

Retention rates are determined how long employees remain at the company after being recruited. The longer they stay at the company, the higher rate of retention achieved.

Improve your employment brand

Improving the quality of hire using applicant tracking software can also help to improve your employment brand. The more employees that stay at your company for significant periods of time, the more likely other candidates are to want to work for your company, as they will see it as a good place to work. This means you are more likely to gain access to the top talent in your industry, giving you a competitive edge over other companies in your sector.

Applicant tracking software helps businesses
to hire the right person for the role. The longer
they stay in the role, the more successful the hire is.

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Improved cost per hire

Not only can using an applicant tracking system help you drive quality of hire through your organisation, but it can also help you reduce recruitment related costs. This is achieved through reducing administration time and streamlining the entire process.
Applicant tracking software will also ensure that you are targeting and engaging with the right type of candidates by collecting data about which recruitment channels and social media channels they use. This information can then be used to determine the best places to source candidates.


With so many benefits, it is no wonder that so many companies are using applicant tracking systems to facilitate their recruitment processes. Whilst helping them to identify the right candidates for the vacant roles, using accurate data, it can also help businesses to make big cost savings.
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