Applicant Tracking System

Reduce recruitment costs & efficiently manage job applications with our award-winning Applicant Tracking System

TribePad’s Applicant Tracking System cuts time to recruit and finds you the best candidates quickly.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software which electronically manages the recruitment process. TribePad’s ATS software features job posting, attracting the most suitable candidates, creation of candidate tests and automatic interview scheduling.

Vacancy creation

TribePad is the most feature-rich Applicant Tracking System we’ve ever seen. With a completely brandable and configurable applicant journey, smart job templates and vacancy approval system, TribePad can streamline your job creation process.

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Creating a vacancy on TribePad
ATS source

Talent attraction

With 77% of applications now done on mobile devices, your ATS software must be ‘mobile first’. TribePad can help you attract the best talent with unbeatable candidate experience, beautiful careers pages, automated job board multi-posting, social network integration and email job marketing tools.

Our powerful talent pool features make it easy to segment and nurture talent for future roles. And our advanced web search functionality allow you to find your perfect candidate among 30 million profiles at the click of a button.

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Candidate selection

TribePad’s ATS recruitment management system makes it easy to select the best candidates. Our partner ecosystem gives you access to a huge range of screening tools, from right-to-work checks to aptitude and psychometric testing. Candidate communication and interview scheduling is automated, removing the admin burden from your team.

Your pre-defined scoring matrix highlights the best candidates and real-time dashboards make the recruitment pipeline transparent. The entire process can support anonymous applications to ensure diversity requirements are fulfilled and the best hiring outcomes achieved.

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Viewing a candidates profile on TribePad
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TribePad has been a great partner for us; we have a very complex business that relies heavily on our ability to manage HR processes with efficiency. In this respect TribePad has provided us with a great platform, and has gone above and beyond to help us tailor this platform to meet our needs.

Smarter analytics

Our Applicant Tracking System is data-driven, providing a powerful suite of reports, with real-time data available at your fingertips. With TribePad, you can easily report on diversity compliance, time-to-hire, cost of acquisition and source optimisation.

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