Candidate selection

It’s time to hire; optimise your candidate selection process

Our mission is to make it quicker and more cost-effective for recruiters to find the best talent, while making finding a new job simple and pain-free for candidates. With unparalleled configurability, here are some of the ways Tribepad recruitment software can optimise your applicant selection process.

Candidate screening software

We make it simple for candidates to register on Tribepad, supporting single sign-on and account creation via their social media profile. It’s easy for candidates to fill out their profile and upload their CV which is automatically parsed into the Applicant Tracking System and then scored, based on criteria you can configure.

Utilising our ecosystem of partners, Tribepad provides you a range of aptitude and psychometric tests, which you can build into your scoring matrix. We also offer the full range of background checks including right to work.

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Interview management and candidate communication

Talent pools make it easy for you to identify great candidates whom you can proactively invite to interview. Automated email communication handles unsuccessful candidate communication, removing the admin burden from your team.

Successful candidates are also notified by email and SMS, with shared calendar functionality making it easy to schedule second and third stage interviews. You can even utilise our integrated Video Interviewing capability.

Intelligent candidate scoring

From the outset your interview scoring matrix makes it simple to identify and progress the best candidates. By building in mandatory, ‘killer’ questions with upper and lower thresholds, you can focus your time on the most suitable candidates. Multiple recruiters can interview candidates and their scores can be combined or compared.

The entire process can support anonymous applications, for all, none or specific roles to ensure diversity requirements are fulfilled. Tribepad recruitment platform enables you to deliver the best hiring outcomes.

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Recruitment CRM

Offer management

Using our recruitment dashboards you can clearly see your candidate, interview and offer pipeline. From there, a built-in job offer authorisation process makes it clear and transparent to complete the hiring process. API integration then allows integration into payroll and HR systems to on-board the successful candidate.

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