Deploying your first Applicant Tracking System

Tribepad is the most feature-rich Applicant Tracking System on the market. If you are planning to deploy your first ATS, here are some things to consider.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a piece of recruitment software used by in-house recruitment and HR teams as well as recruitment agencies. An ATS uses artificial intelligence to mimic the administrative tasks of a human recruiter, which enables thousands of CVs to be reviewed in less than a second, to find the perfect match for vacancies. This allows the human recruiters to focus on making the right hiring decisions, rather than managing administrative processes.

An ATS should deliver a much better candidate experience than traditional methods, by enabling better data capture through interactive, mobile device-ready careers webpages. Jobs can be advertised much more effectively to a wider audience, attracting higher quality candidates. When a candidate applies for a vacancy, the ATS allows the recruiter to manage and track their application throughout the entire recruitment process. They can engage with candidates on a regular basis, provide automated e-mail and SMS updates and allow candidates to self-select interview slots.

ATS dashboard

What are the benefits of an ATS?

Increased efficiency

By automating the repetitive administrative elements of the process, recruitment can focus on adding value to candidate engagement, reducing time to hire and improving hiring outcomes.

Reduced costs

Powerful reporting and transparency can enable significant savings in job board and recruitment agency spend too.

Better engagement

ATS recruitment often leads to reduced time to hire and increased efficiencies internally, enabling the recruiting team to deliver better engagement and customer satisfaction.

How does an ATS work?

A candidate can upload their CV or use their social media ID to create a profile on the ATS. This automatically completes most of the necessary fields and prompts the candidate to complete any missing data. A candidate can then apply for vacancies of interest, and the recruiter will try and find the perfect fit.

A recruiter does not, however, just have to process those applications that have been received. They can also search the entire database for suitable profiles in the Applicant Tracking Software. This includes active candidates (currently looking for a vacancy) and passive candidates  (those who have created a profile in the past but are not pro-actively seeking a new role).

The recruiter achieves this by searching for keywords related to a particular vacancy. The recruiter is then presented with suggested candidates to move forward to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Candidate Profiling and matching

How does social media integration benefit the recruiter and the candidate?

Social media is an important tool for the recruiter. It is in effect a huge real-time database, that allows for the recruiter to extend their range of potential candidates to improve the recruitment process locating top talent. For a candidate, by keeping their profiles up-to-date with basic details such as experience, skills and education for example, then they are increasing the likeliness of being approached by a potential employer.

Candidate profiling and matching to vacancies

What’s the best way to get a CV noticed by Applicant Tracking Software?

As a candidate, CVs and applications can be tailored for each vacancy that are applied for. A candidate needs to think like a recruiter, what keywords would a recruiter expect to find in their application when applying for a ‘project manager’ position for example. What qualifications? What experience? Some example keywords that a candidate might use if applying for a vacancy as a ‘Project Manager might be ‘PRINCE2 qualified’, ‘Manager’, ‘Assistant Project Manager’ as opposed to phrases such as ‘outgoing’. Including these keywords within an application and on a CV, will help a candidate to be located more efficiently. This increases the likeliness of candidates finding the perfect job and for the employer to find the right employee.

The aim of recruitment software is to simplify and ease the workload of the recruiter, when searching for candidates to fill vacancies. By achieving this, more time can be spent with applicants throughout the hiring process, making necessary improvements to the candidate experience along with focusing recruitment efforts in the right places.

candidate matching to vacancies

What do I need to consider before deploying an ATS?

Most larger organisations have been using recruitment software for several years, but medium-sized companies are now benefiting too. Moving to an ATS can involve some significant change for HR teams and hiring managers; automating today’s process is not always the right answer. So it can be worth looking at recruitment process transformation as part of deploying an ATS.

Considering your existing data sources and systems integration requirements is an important part of scoping the recruitment software solution you need. Likewise a clear understanding of the success criteria and reporting requirements should be established. Tribepad provides a suite of smarter analytics tools giving you powerful real-time reporting.

What should I look for in an ATS provider?

Clearly the functions of the ATS are the first concern; will it do what you need it to do. Most ATS providers offer similar core features, but some integrated HR systems may only have basic recruitment and applicant tracking functionality. Security of your data and compliance requirements should be a key consideration. The ability of the ATS provider to brand and configure the platform to your needs and, if necessary develop bespoke functionality to suit your business should be investigated.

You and your business will be relying on the system, so high quality customer service, account management and technical support before, during and after implementation should be high on your list of must-haves. To find out how we can tailor our approach to your needs, visit why Tribepad.