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A Candidate Management System is also known as a CMS.  TribePad provides an insight as to what a CMS is, what key functions are available and how it will benefit your company and the recruitment process.


What is a Candidate Management System?

As the name suggests, a candidate management system is an effective and efficient way for businesses to handle candidates during the recruitment process by being a tool that manages and matches candidates who have applied for a job with the company.

Candidate management software also has the ability to match individuals with job positions by searching candidate profiles. Profiles can be created by the candidate or user, providing information such as name, location, current job position and other fields. The system has the ability to provide real-time analytics, analysing high quality data and searching candidate profiles plus CV checking. The more information that the candidate or user provides, the easier it is to find the perfect match for a vacancy.

This powerful Candidate Management Software allows those in charge of hiring employees to track and manage all applicants in a way that would prove virtually impossible to do manually.

Having this candidate management technology at your fingertips puts you in control in what is becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace. Top organisations battle it out in order to land the very best talent available all the time, but smaller companies, too, are getting wise to the fact that great hires simply do not fall into their laps. This has led to an escalation in competition for the best recruits, making the use of candidate management technology an essential part of the hiring process for many organisations.

Sometimes referred to as a recruitment management system, this software gives you a multitude of functions that will help you make the right hiring decision for your company – regardless of the position you are trying to fill. By creating profiles of potential new hires and giving you the ability to track them across a variety of platforms – including social media – our candidate manager software puts you and your business one step ahead of your competitors in the race to secure the very best people available.

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What Makes Candidate Management Systems Special?

One of the main reasons why so many businesses are adopting candidate management systems is because of their ability to track potential new hires – even when they are not actively seeking them. Being able to draw upon a list of great people quickly will save you both time and money, and our candidate management software allows you to do just that.

For example, say you advertise a role that needs to be filled on a number of different platforms. These could range from a recruitment agency’s website through to an advertisement in a trade paper. However, one thing will remain the same – you’re going to receive applications from a great deal of talented people. All of whom could be prospective employees.

The problem is, however, that you currently only have one vacancy to fill. What happens to the rest? Is it just a case of ditching them and hoping that they will contact you the next time you are on the lookout for high quality recruits to join your ranks? Without a candidate management system in place that could certainly be the case. After all, how would you go about keeping track of hundreds, if not thousands, of people without one?

Recruitment management software puts you in control and gives your HR team the power to keep tabs on all of those who have previously applied for roles within your organisation.

This is turn provides more applicants, more profiles and therefore an increase in your available talent pool to choose from for any role you need to fill. This may not sound like much, but, when you consider the benefits, you’ll soon be wondering why your company hasn’t adopted a recruiting management system earlier. When you do, you are positioned at a competitive advantage against your competitors.

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What others say about TribePad

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“We’ve seen significant savings and a ROI of £35,000 this year. With TribePad, we’ve been able to identify which job boards have been most successful, leading to a 25% reduction in costs. TribePad has allowed for the large influx of applications (from hundreds to thousands) to be managed and processed whilst enhancing the candidate experience.”

Skipton Building Society

Skipton quote

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“Because employing the right people is of critical importance in ensuring our guests receive the very best of luxury service, we felt we needed support. We are sure that using TribePad to help us find and manage our talent will prove to be one of the best recruitment decisions we’ve made.”

Exclusive Hotels and Venues

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“Tribepad has been a great partner for us in North America; we have a very complex business that relies heavily in our ability to manage HR processes with efficiency. In this respect Tribepad has provided us with a great platform, and has gone above and beyond to help us tailor this platform to meet our needs.”

Career Center and Intranet Manager – G4S North America

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pizza quote

“TribePad was the stand out ATS provider for Pizza Hut with both its innovative platform and usability for both the client and candidate. We are really proud to be working with TribePad and are all excited by this new partnership, which we have no doubt will deliver great candidate success to both businesses.’

Pizza Hut Restaurants and Pizza Hut Delivery

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Sodexo quote

“We are starting to see some significant ROI in terms of cost saving, reduction in time to hire and greater engagement”

Head of Resourcing, Sodexo

Sodexo quote

The Key Benefits of Candidate Management Software

It’s clear that recruitment today is far different to what it was twenty years ago. In fact, today’s job market is nothing like what it was just five years ago!

This constantly shifting area of business has become a battleground for organisations that are looking to recruit, and retain, the very best staff available – and they need all the help that they can get if they want to succeed.

Enter candidate management HR software. This simple, yet highly effective, tool makes the process of recruiting the top talent in your industry a breeze:

  • Speed up and save money – Having a database of applicants ready and waiting can transform the recruitment process from a nightmare into something altogether more refined. Needing to fill a vacancy can sometimes occur from out of nowhere and catch you on the hop, but with a candidate management system in place you’ll be able to act immediately. Simply by searching through your database, you will be able to potentially find a match for your position in hours – far different from the traditional route that can take weeks or, in some instances, months.

However, recruitment management software also has one or two other benefits that you may have previously overlooked:

  • Candidate management systems can help you identify new roles – When tracking candidates who have previously applied for a role within your business you may unearth some extraordinarily talented people. This knowledge can lead to the creation of new roles within your organisation in order to ensure that such candidates end up working for you and not your competition, pushing your business forward.
  • Seamless interfacing with the digital world – As a digital product, candidate management software offers you to the chance to seamlessly connect your recruitment process with what is becoming an increasingly digital world. Online applications have been around for some time, but did you know that 9 out of 10 jobseekers say that they will use their mobile devices to look for work, too?

Having candidate management technology on your side gives you control of all platforms, whether they are traditional, digital or social.

  • You’ll receive real time data that will optimise your advertising – Should you not be able to find someone for your role direct from your database, the fact that you have tracked a bank of highly talented people will allow you to make the most of your upcoming recruitment drive. Improving your job postings can have a dramatic effect on your overall recruitment spend, and it will also make your company far more attractive to the right candidates in the process.

The real-time analytics included within our software gives you a direct insight in to areas such as demographics, giving you a greater overall view of your recruitment reach and pinpointing the most likely platforms for success.

  • Applicants benefit too – As anyone who has searched for a job recently will tell you, the process can be infuriating to say the least. By adopting a candidate management system, your company will make the task easier for those who wish to apply for any vacancies you may have. Submitting their resume or application form will no longer be the hassle that it once was and they can rest assured that the recruitment management software removes any unfair bias or human error from the process as well.

A recruitment management system simplifies the recruitment process, which enables your team to work at a more efficient rate. Recruitment management software makes the task of job hunting easier, faster and fairer for all candidates.

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Why TribePad Candidate Management Software?

Post job openings, check CVs, invite candidates to attend interviews for a specific opening with ease and so much more.

You also have the ability to multi-manage candidates and share referrals with colleagues. You will never lose touch with a candidate again with recruitment technology. You can simply search for a candidate by name, job title, existing position and more. This gives you the ability to refer candidates for job positions that they haven’t even applied for. More time is saved by creating templates for invitations or acceptance e-mails.

The real-time analytics will help you understand where your candidates are coming from and provide you with further data such as demographics. This will enable you to review your talent acquisition process, posting your job positions on the most relevant sites where higher quality talent is coming from which will maximise exposure. Candidate engagement will therefore be improved along with the likeliness of attracting the right candidates for the job.

By utilising the latest recruiting software in HR, your team will work faster and smarter. With the amount of time saved, the user is able to improve candidate engagement, spend more time managing passive candidates and recruit top talent through targeted recruiting campaigns.

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Would you see a decent return on investment from our candidate management software?

Calculating an exact ROI for a company often requires many variables to be taken into consideration. However, there is a basic equation that you can use to give you a better idea of whether or not candidate management software is right for your business. Let’s take a look.

Firstly, you need to find the cost of your HR employee who will be handling the hiring process. You need to work out the amount of hours they will be working on filling the vacancy each week and then multiply that number by their hourly rate.

HR employee weekly hours focused on filling vacancy multiplied by hourly rate. So, if the employee was to spend 35 hours per week at £15 per hour, the cost would be £525.

However, there could be a problem with the amount of work that this employee can handle. Say, for example, they can only process 50 applications each day but you need to get through 75. What happens then? Well, if you want to get through all of the applications without creating a backlog, you’d need to enlist someone else to help with the task.

This could be on a part-time basis, but they still need to be paid, so you need to calculate how much the recruitment drive is going to cost you in terms of HR staff:

75 applications per day divided by employee #1’s capacity of 50 = 1.5 members of staff needed to process applications
(35 hours per week x £15 per hour) x 1.5 staff members = £787.50 per week

Using this formula will give you a ballpark figure to work with. Providing the cost of your candidate management software falls below that of the number you arrive at for hiring the additional member of staff, you can be fairly certain that adopting the software will show a positive ROI.

A caveat to note, however, is that our software works extremely quickly and very accurately, far more efficiently than any human can hope to achieve. This could free HR staff up to perform other tasks, further improving your ROI when you implement a recruitment management system into your business.

If you are interested in a Candidate Management System for your company, no matter the size, please contact us for a free demo. We really look forward to speaking with you and discussing your recruitment management technology needs


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