15% reduction of agency spend

Find out how Serco reduced recruitment agency spend

Return on Investment and Impact

Serco integrated with TribePad at the start of 2016 and within 10 months they have already noticed a return on investment from the main core features. Features such as CV Searching has made it easy to locate talent quickly, filling vacancies with quality talent at an improved rate. Recruiters now have the ability to manage and process candidates more effectively and efficiently, engaging with them at any point of the recruitment process, improving the overall candidate experience.

Key requirements

  • Reduction in agency spend
  • High calibre of candidates
  • Proactively sourcing talent

Our Account Manager is brilliant. He has in-depth system knowledge to guide us effectively and maximise our capability. We’re continually discussing new ideas and system improvements


The Challenge

To improve recruitment, Serco needed a recruitment platform that would improve the candidate experience, manage large numbers of applications and help with proactively sourcing talent.

Candidates previously reported issues when searching and applying for vacancies including the visibility of jobs. In addition to this, the lack of social integration amongst other things, made the application process difficult.

Serco also reported on the following challenges pre-TribePad:

  • Low levels of candidate engagement
  • No automation/ templates
  • Large spend with agencies
  • Inability to personalise templates
  • Inability to track recruiter performance
  • Internal mobility and retention
  • Lack of mobile support
  • Inability to track return on investment
  • Talent pooling and finding candidates


The TribePad Solution

Serco decided to partner with TribePad to tackle the issues above, but to also to help improve the overall recruitment process and reduce agency spend. They were able to use TribePad’s recruitment software as a solution for these problems. These included features such as:

  • CV Search: Before publishing vacancies onto job boards, recruiters could search their talent pools quickly and easily with CV Search. Using Boolean search and additional filters, the right talent could be located within seconds and invited to apply for the role. Search criteria could be saved for the future, if the role was re-occurring.
  • Template Questionnaires: Recruiters could use existing questionnaires saved as templates and attach these to the application process. Recruiters could then either apply one long questionnaire or multiple questionnaires, and decide whether to reject or allow the candidate to proceed with their application if they were to fail a killer question.
  • Insights: Managers can now view the performance of individual recruiters or the recruitment team as a whole. Identifying who has posted the most vacancies, filled the most roles for example. Insights also provides Serco with ROI tracking for job boards and agencies.

About Serco

Serco is a British outsourcing company operating in public and private transport and traffic control, aviation, military weapons, detention centres, call centres, prisons and schools on behalf of its customers. They have over 60,000 employees worldwide.

“Serco makes a difference to the lives of millions of people around the world.

Our customers are national and local governments and leading companies. We have more than 50 years’ experience of helping them to achieve their goals.

By focusing on the needs of the people they serve, we enable our customers to deliver better outcomes. Our frontline delivery involves us in vital areas of public life, including providing safe transport, finding sustainable jobs for the long-term unemployed, helping patients recover more quickly, improving the local environment, rehabilitating offenders, protecting borders and supporting the armed forces.

We also manage crucial business processes for both public and private sector organisations. This frees them to focus on their core operations, while delivering tangible benefits to their customers – from faster mortgage approvals to better online shopping.”

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