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Rich Contractor Profiles

Contractors create their own profiles to showcase themselves in the best light by highlighting their skills, qualifications and experience.

Within the Contractor Management System, contractors can:

  • Upload supporting documentation such as CV, Right to Work documentation, DBS checks
  • Provide a list of references that can be contacted for verification with just a few click
  • Highlight payment options such as PAYE, umbrella company, as a limited company
  • Set preferences for the types of roles desired, use filters to show the roles with the best fit
Creating a vacancy on Tribepad
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Showcase Availability

Contractors can:

  • Mark which individual days, and times that they’re available
  • Bulk block out availability time slots

Businesses can search their database of trusted contractors to identify when they’re available for work, as well as other parameters, before inviting to apply for the role.

Video Interview

Video interviewing shortens the time taken to hire a contractor for a position. It’s cost-effective and helps you to find high quality contractors.

Contractors can record a video interview to support their application, based on the questions that you set, within the time allowance you set per question.

No time to watch the video? Quickly read through the video transcript or search for keywords or phrases.

Benefits of Video Interviewing:

  • Can be completed at anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Quickly identify the best contractor for the role with scoring and rating
  • Save time shifting through applications

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