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Benefit from using Tribepad’s Applicant Tracking System and Video Interviewing Platform

Tribepad is a feature-rich ATS that allows you to tailor the entire recruitment process your way. Our award-winning recruitment software is used in more than 120 countries, 17 languages and processes more than 9 million job applications each year. We can make every step of your recruitment process simple with your own fully branded ATS and careers page.

If you wish to use an enterprise level Applicant Tracking System then contact us for a demo and a chat.

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ATS dashboard

View some of the features available in Tribepad.


The Insights reporting platform provides you with great insights into your company’s recruitment process. A data-driven Applicant Tracking System (ATS) eliminates gut-feelings and replaces them with informed decisions. We enable your organisation to evaluate, interpret, and react to real-time data with smarter analytics. Insights gives you:


  • Accurate source reporting so you can see which channels are delivering results and which ones are not
  • Measure agency, recruiter, hiring manager and job board effectiveness
  • Time to hire reporting – you define when the clock starts and stops
  • The ability to analyse every step of your recruitment process to identify what’s going well, what needs improving and what to stop, as well as who is doing well and who needs help
  • Measure effectiveness of individual business, regional and national units

Our state of the art reporting suite allows you to dive deep into your data with pre-built reports, charts, and graphs that turn your data into something meaningful. All our analytics are downloadable so that they can be shared and reported on throughout your organisation.

Your recruiters and hiring managers can design and complete internal feedback forms to ensure that all the necessary information is being captured and can therefore be reported on.

CV Search

CV Search enables users to quickly find the right talent out of thousands of candidates. Use CV Search and advanced filters to find candidates suitable for your role, based on their profile, their CV and their applications. Search across candidates based on the distance willing to travel to work, expected salary, previous employment history and much more. Furthermore, you can save specific searches so that you can re-run the same search the following day, week or month to identify fresh new talent. To enable this feature, you will need to upgrade your account.

cv search

Flexible application journey for different jobs

We understand that some jobs require more information about the candidate than others, and that no application journey should be the same. Specialist roles for example may require that candidates complete psychometric tests, whereas less specialised roles may just require a CV and video interview. With Tribepad, you can tailor the application journey to suit your needs. Allowing you to determine the number of steps the candidate is required to take on a role by role basis.

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Talent Pools

One of the most powerful Tribepad features is the ability to retain and intelligently categorise all candidates so they can be nurtured for future roles. Millions of CVs can be searched in just a few seconds. It’s easy to create and segment talent pools with Tribepad so you can generate suggested candidate lists in real-time. ‘Silver medal’ candidates who just missed out on a role and passive candidates who are not actively looking can be sent new job alerts without incurring any recruitment costs.

If you attend a job fair for example, and add the candidates you met at the fair to Tribepad, you can tag them with the name of the job fair so that you can easily search and locate them again. You can create multiple talent pools to suit your needs, perhaps for ‘project managers’, ‘sales consultants’ or even for redeployment purposes.

Bulk Processing

When you get many applications it is hard to give them a great one-to-one experience unless you have time to contact each one. With Tribepad you can process multiple candidates in a couple of clicks – whether that’s shortlisting, arranging interviews or rejecting, with a click of a button you can keep everyone informed. You can also select candidates in bulk from your CV Search and invite them to apply for a role.

ATS recruitment - tagging

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing is a cost-effective way of assessing your candidates, while maintaining the human interaction that is key to making the best hiring decisions. Our platform combines facial recognition and artificial intelligence to provide ground-breaking social and psychometric profiling to recruiters.

  • Save more than 90% of costs in comparison to face-to-face interviews
  • Quickly identify top talent with bespoke scoring criteria
  • Assess emotional intelligence and cultural fit of candidates
  • Record, save and share with other hiring managers
Video Interviewing for ATS

Interview Management

You can manage the entire interview process, incorporating face to face interviews, video interviews or assessment centres for example.  You can also avoid laborious interview admin work. With Tribepad you can allow candidates to schedule their own interviews.

ATS Interview management

Let the system tell the candidate when and where they’ve booked their interview, and send automatic reminders when their interview is fast approaching. You can even SMS candidates within Tribepad – either send them yourself or let the system automatically send interview reminders for you.