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May 27, 2011 5:10 pm by
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A hiring manager’s biggest challenge is finding the right candidate for their job and, conversely, a job seeker looking for work wants hiring managers to find them before they find less suitable candidates.

We’ve improved our recruitment and talent management solution so that searching for candidates is now even easier and faster.

Tribepad can now help you search hundreds of thousands of CVs in less than a second.   We have a faceted search and boolean search facility that allows hiring managers to easily refine their criteria.  Our boolean search works similarly to Google’s advanced search facility.

A hiring manager can easily tell Tribepad to find Security Officers, Security Guards or Stewards that have been CRB-checked and have worked at an Olympic Games.  To do this, they could use our search feature as shown here:

Talent management and social recruitment CV search

The text in the light blue box is automatically generated to show the actual boolean search command.  Just like Google, power users can type this in the basic search box without going to the advanced search facility.  But for us mere mortals, the advanced search facility is easier to use.

We’re saying here that the candidates must have CRB in their profile as well as the phrase “olympic games”.  Then we’re saying that either security guard or security officer or steward should also exist in their profile.  Now, because CRB can also refer to “Capitol Records Building,” or “Central Railway Building” we’re also telling the search to exclude people with those words in their profile, just to keep the results clean.

faceted search for social recruitment and talent pool management

Our search solution can actually spot spelling mistakes too.  For instance, I could have typed “olympic gamed” instead of “olympic games” and it still would have found the right candidates.    Better still, I didn’t actually have to type “security guard” as we can recognise that “security officer” and “security guard” can be the same thing.

Related to that, we can support synonyms that are domain-specific as well, so if your company is food related we can treat “chips” and “fries” as the same thing, but if you are in the gambling industry then we can treat “chips” and “tokens” as the same instead.

Now, boolean search is nice and powerful but we also have a load of filters to help refine a hiring manager’s search. That’s where our faceted search helps.

To the right you can see salary, experience and “distance from job” sliders, allowing the hiring manager to select different ranges.    They can also choose the availability of the candidates as well as the career level.

Being even more specific, hiring managers will be able to select people based on their industry sector, country of residence and the languages that they can speak – on that note, our search solution currently supports candidate profiles in 37 different languages.

We can also show the results in different formats depending on the hiring manager’s preference.  The example below shows the returned candidates as contact cards, but the user could change that to a list view if they wanted. The different views could help in different scenarios – for example, if you are recruiting for a managerial job (or other senior role) you could see a detailed view of the results; or if you are recruiting for a more junior role you may want a less detailed view so you can scan candidates more quickly. The list view and the grid view can help with this.

These features all help to ensure that relevant job seekers get noticed first – and hiring managers find those candidates more quickly. An example view of the results is shown below, illustrating our “contact card” style results view for the search we did earlier. You simply click on the candidate you are interested in, and it will reveal more details about that job seeker. You can then either view the candidate’s full CV and profile or shortlist them for one of your jobs. The example shows that this candidate is CRB-checked and worked as a security operative at the 2008 Olympic Games. Drilling into the candidate’s CV would also show that they were a security officer.
Social recruitment talent management candidate search, grid view

Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, Tribepad also makes it easy for you to contact them and invite them to an interview or assessment.

Taking this a step further, we’re also working on allowing hiring managers to save their search critiera and even get alerts when new candidates register with a matching profile.     We’ll let you know when that is launched!

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