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What we learned from the In-house Recruitment Leaders Conference

August 23, 2019 2:18 pm by
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Last month, we were at the In-house Recruitment Leaders (IHRL) Conference in London, where we met delegates and answered your questions. Our co-founder and CEO, Dean Sadler, was also there to give a presentation on diversity in recruitment, with a focus on getting the right personalities together to build a fantastic team. 

For the recruitment industry, summer tends to be events season with lots of great conferences across the UK. We had a brilliant time at the CIPD Festival of Work in June and then again at RecFest 2019 in July. If you’re interested in learning more about the recruitment industry, we recommend bagging a ticket and taking yourself along to as many of these events as possible. The next event we will be at is the FIRM’s Manchester Autumn Conference on 25th September. Come along and say hello!

IHR Presentation

About the IHR Conference

This year’s IHRL Conference was bigger and better than ever. It’s a must-attend event for the recruitment industry’s movers and shakers, and a great opportunity for delegates to learn new tricks and meet new people. From great speakers to round-table activities, there is always something for everyone and this time round was no different.

Building a diverse thinking team

Diversity is an important topic and one that is being talked about a lot in the recruitment world. In his talk at the conference, Dean asked the audience to think a little differently about diversity by looking at how the top companies feature teams that include a wide range of personalities. 

The key takeaway was the notion that team leaders need to be open to a broader range of characters when it comes to diversity. Different people bring different experiences and ways of viewing the world, and that can bring great benefits to a company. 

As Dean said, teams that include a wide range of passionate voices are in a position to do better. It breeds confidence and a positive environment where fresh ideas are both welcomed and encouraged. Rather than create an ‘identikit’ group of people – look for complementary skills and a good mix of personality traits. 

Finally, once you’ve got that dream team together, check that each person is in the right role. Are you getting the most from them? Could you move people around to help them realise their potential? Flexibility plays an important part in making sure all those diverse characters are in the right spot and working together perfectly. 

For the full outline of what Dean said and  some rather eyebrow-raising stats check out full post on our site.

Couldn’t make any of the summer conferences? Book a demo anyway

We’ve been busy demoing our recruitment software at a number of events over the last few months. It’s great to have that face-to-face contact with people and show them what Tribepad can do to transform their company’s recruitment. 

However, we know that not everyone can make it to conferences, so we are more than happy to arrange a video demo any time. Just give us a call and we’ll get a date in the diary as soon as possible. 

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