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Award win for innovative social recruitment platform

April 29, 2011 4:34 pm by
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A groundbreaking new online community and social recruiting platform, delivered by Sheffield- based Tribepad, has helped its biggest client win a major accolade at the OnRec Recruitment Awards.

The unique system developed for G4S, the world’s leading security solutions group, has been awarded the Candidate Service Award in recognition of its ease of use and effectiveness in matching job seekers to global employment opportunities.

Tribepad – part of Talent on View Ltd – specialises in the development of inclusive social network and recruitment platforms (or social recruiting systems) for organisations of all sizes. These ‘talent communities’ provide clear, constant access to a pool of people in the market for the kinds of roles available within that specific company, making the path to filling vacancies more simple and effective for both the employee and the job seeker.

Tribepad gives organisations the ability to collaborate and network online as well as underpinning

social recruiting and direct hiring strategies. By connecting employers, jobseekers and teams it allows businesses to be smarter, more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

What makes Tribepad’s offering unique in this growing market place is its ability to offer not only global online talent communities for companies like G4S to match candidates with roles at home and abroad on a multi-site basis, but it will soon have a multi-lingual capability with languages such as Hindi, Chinese, Dutch – 30 different in total.

Colin Minto, Head of Resourcing (Global) at G4S commented: “Using the Tribepad talent community technology to underpin our direct resourcing strategy has undoubtedly been a ground breaking step forward for us as a business and the recruitment marketplace in general.”

Lisa Scales, of Talent on View added: “We are bolstered by G4S’s success with our platform and have an exciting year ahead working on ways to continually boost our offering for anyone that is seeking a way to work smarter, not harder in the talent acquisition arena.”

“The forthcoming launch of our multi-lingual platform will set us apart from our competitors and bring multiple benefits to our clients, especially those wanting to perform at the highest level on a global scale.”

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