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Talent Software Specialists set to save schools £100m a year

January 13, 2017 1:54 pm by
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Talent acquisition specialist Tribepad is bringing its multi-award winning recruitment software solution to the education sector with the launch of

In 2015, £821m was spent by schools in England, sourcing teachers from private firms and agencies. Over £100m of this was spent on agency costs.  The new offering will allow schools to accurately match skills with their supply needs from tens of thousands of available teachers in less than a second.  As well as enabling schools to save on fees, putting their money to better use, the platform ensures that the teachers receive all the pay they are entitled to and are not subject to the agencies taking a cut (which can range from between 15-40 per cent).

Primary school teacher Karen Sadler – the brains behind the platform – devised the concept after becoming increasingly frustrated witnessing tens of thousands of pounds being spent on supply teachers when there were consistent cuts to essential equipment required to teach pupils.  As the wife of Tribepad CEO Dean Sadler, Karen had access to the relevant technology to create a solution.

Dean Sadler, said “As a teacher, my wife was the real driving force behind  We have friends who are teachers and head teachers.  We also have children in school.  We therefore have a vested interest in the educational sector just like many parents up and down the country.  So we are doing something about it.  We think schools need a simple fair subscription model so they aren’t held to ransom when they need help the most.”

The platform is a low-cost subscription model, with no hidden costs.  For example, does not charge a finders fee if a school wants to employ a supply teacher full time.


Dean Sadler said, “The platform has the potential to redefine the education recruitment landscape. We are delivering the opportunity for real savings both financially and invaluable time, back to schools. We are aiming for savings of up to £100m per year against current models.”

The team behind Tribepad – which has delivered bespoke recruitment software solutions to multi-national businesses including the BBC, Pizza Hut, KFC and Tesco – has devised the supply teacher platform to help schools access a pool of highly relevant, qualified & pre-screened staff at the touch of button, eliminating the high costs associated with agency sourcing.

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