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Tribepad goes Geektastic!

February 28, 2017 9:40 am by
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Sheffield-based talent acquisition specialist Tribepad has added Geektastic to its partner platform, giving hiring managers direct access to the best software developers across the globe, speeding up hiring processes.

Geektastic provide a unique service; technical code challenges that recruiters can invite developers to solve, which are then reviewed by an on-demand community of software engineers. The reviews provide deep technical insight not currently available from machine based screening platforms. This provides employers and recruiters an objective measure of a candidate’s overall technical ability and specific software skill sets.

Tribepad provides sophisticated recruitment software to companies including Go Compare and Tesco. Within the system is a range of partner tools including background financial checks, numeric, aptitude and personality tests. Adding Geektastic’s peer coding review tools to the platform further improves recruitment success rates and drastically reduces time-to-hire.

Dean Sadler, CEO of Tribepad says, “Hiring the right people puts businesses at a competitive advantage. Geektastic is the market leader in the peer-to-peer review of software developers and perfectly complements the capabilities of Tribepad’s recruitment & Video Interviewing platforms. Working in partnership means we can ensure our clients hire the right people”.

Rick Brownrow, CEO of Geektastic added, “Our on-demand team of Uber-Geeks offer recruiters an unrivalled opportunity to hire the very best software developers. Working with Tribepad means we can match the best developers to the best tech teams.”

About Geektastic

Founded by serial entrepreneurs and technical evangelists Rick Brownlow and Charles Girdham, Geektastic is on a mission to fix the flawed processes of hiring software engineers. We work alongside employers like Thomson Reuters and Go-Compare and agency recruiters like Mortimer Spinks to help measure a candidate’s technical ability and specific software skill sets, leaving in-house development teams to do what they do best – delivering great products.
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