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#TruLondon comes to town..

February 19, 2012 8:43 pm by
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TribePad are pleased to be supporting #TruLondon – The Recruiting Unconference this coming week in London.

#TruLondon is gaining reputation for gathering the great and the good who work in and around social recruiting, technology, HR, sourcing, talent attraction, talent acquisition and job boards.

#TruLondon is the brainchild of Bill Boorman – the man with a hat, a t-shirt and a disguised ability to pull together over 50 track leaders from all over the world and organise these events. Bill, to me, is the epitomy of a #Tru event in the sense it takes a lot more work to make something look less organised than it truly is!

There is a heady mix of different people who attend #tru events and many from overseas which always makes for a rich and varied learning environment. We are pleased to be sponsoring track leader John Sumser to come over from California to impart some wisdom from his vast array of experience and insight.  John has got the graveyard shift on Day 1 at 4.00-5.00pm however I envisage a packed house to hear his track : How Technology Moves Recruiters.

So what is it?

If you have never attended an unconference before the format is pretty “left side” in terms of structure (there is none apart from a schedule of tracks – click here for the listing) and there are 4 simple rules to follow :

1: No Presentations – its about conversation – use your mouth not your eyes!

2: No Powerpoint – as above!

3: No Name Badges – ask someone if you don’t know their name

4: No Pitching – no one wants a sales pitch in this environment – its about knowledge, sharing and  content

Apart from that, anything goes. You can come and go between tracks without raising your hand and making your apologies and I always find some of the really interesting conversations happen in the corridors between the tracks! A secret track has been known to pop up on occasion and I actually think it should be renamed “Flashmob track” as it sounds alot more inclusive but hopefully without any synchronisation required on dance moves…

Talking of dance moves there is a Recruitment Industry Dance Event  hosted by the flamboyant Rob van Elburg at the end of Day 1 – read about the RIDE event here – the dutch guys always know how to party!

I will be leading a track on Day 1 at 11.30-12.30 and we will be talking Community Matters and how jobseeker engagement can underpin a direct hiring strategy for potential and future hires. Please join the conversation – it’s just after coffee and just before lunch so should be a lively affair!

Here’s to a great event – see you Wednesday!





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