Celebrations are taking place at Tribepad’s headquarters today. We’re delighted to announce that we were selected by KFC to provide the Tribepad recruitment platform throughout the entire UK business.


KFC appoints Tribepad as recruitment software provider

Tribepad’s recruitment platform will benefit KFC and their applicants, in terms of efficiencies and ease of use. The cutting edge platform is capable of managing the millions of applications and can be accessed via this link https://careers.kfc.co.uk/members/.

New figures show that Tribepad has had over 35 million candidates and 200 thousand vacancies advertised since the launch in 2008.

The platform supports talent acquisition and the ability to manage, monitor and engage with candidates throughout the recruitment process. Candidates will be kept up-to-date with where they are in the hiring process, after having parsed their CVs and social media profiles when first apply for the vacancy. KFC have the ability to pull multiple reports at the click of a button and identify which of their advertising sources are effective, and where best to focus their marketing budget.

Team Tribepad are celebrating on Friday 6th November with team building exercises and eating buckets full of KFC! Be sure to check out our social media pages for photos and updates. And did we mention it is also checked shirt day?

To learn more about Tribepad’s Applicant Tracking System, please schedule a demo!

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