Recruitment process transformation

It’s time to hire; overhaul your recruitment process

Our specialist HR consultants can help you implement best-practice and overhaul your recruitment processes. Using Lean Six Sigma methods, our team can help you reduce time-to-hire, improve engagement and increase customer satisfaction.

Lean Six Sigma, Gemba & Kaizen

Our consultants apply tried and tested methodologies, which have transformed production and finance activities worldwide, to the world of recruitment. We work with your recruitment teams and stakeholders to understand process, cut out waste and move towards zero defects.

Recruitment process transformation

How TribePad can help

Our HR consultants understand your world, your pain points and more importantly know how to fix them quickly. We specialise in workforce planning sessions, measuring KPIs and mapping your recruitment processes. Working with your stakeholders we then deliver programmes and agile projects to deliver improvements.

Easing the pain of change

The recruitment process touches HR, finance, IT and of course the hiring manager’s department. We design, run and organise change management programs, which ensure all stakeholders understand the reason and benefits for change. Combined with implementing TribePad ATS, the benefits for your business can be radical!