Our roadmap

It’s a partnership

We work in partnership with you to constantly evolve our platform. So to make things nice and clear we’re sharing our roadmap with you.
There are columns for what we’re working on now, next and in the future. There’s a section with potential ideas too.

We’re using Trello at the moment, you don’t need an account to view it. You can submit new ideas and vote for existing ones, but to do that you’ll need to register. We’ll review all new ideas in our quarterly roadmap meetings. The more votes an idea gets, the more likely we are to add it to the roadmap.

Have a look at our roadmaps here:

  • ATS roadmap > Here
  • Onboarding roadmap > Coming soon
  • Video Interviewing roadmap > Coming soon
  • Bot roadmap > Coming soon
  • Flex roadmap > Coming soon

There are three ways we add new features to our roadmap:

  • We think it’s a good idea which lots of you will want. We add it to the roadmap and let everyone know when it becomes available.
  • You ask us for something specific. This is usually chargeable and we add it into the roadmap, usually within a year.
  • You would like something very specific and need it urgently. This is always chargeable and we add it to the roadmap within a few months.

Take me to the ATS roadmap