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A smarter way to stay compliant with April 2020 employment law changes

March 10, 2020 9:52 am by
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From April 2020, employment law changes mean you’ll need to provide different written information to different people in your workforce at different times.

Some employers will find their admin burden increases dramatically (although we’ll show you how to bypass the increase if you keep reading).

Get it wrong and you fail in your obligations as an employer. If you get found out, we’re talking court, fines and reputation damage.

Get it right, and you can keep on doing what you’re doing without disruption or decreased recruitment delivery.

Tribepad’s basically* custom-built to help you get it right.

* We built this functionality ages ago, not especially to help you comply with these changes. But we were prescient. And many customers have been using Tribepad for years to meet their legal obligations a smarter way.

Here’re the details.

What’s happening with employment law changes and when?

Right now, you have two months to issue a ‘written statement of employment particulars’ to employees whose employment contract’s for a month or more.

The written statement includes basic info about the conditions of employment and employee entitlements, like working hours, pay, pension rights and so on. (Check out the HMRC page for a full list).

A written statement can be several documents, given to employees at different times, as long as you include one principal statement with the basics.

In April 2020, employment law will change in four ways:

  • You’ll need to provide this statement to all workers, not just employees.
  • You’ll need to issue the statement by day one. 
  • You’ll need to provide all the information in a single form. 
  • You’ll need to include some extra information on the statement.

That extra information includes:

  • Which days of the week the employee/worker will work
  • Whether their hours will be variable, and how variability will be determined
  • Which other types of paid leave – like maternity – they’re eligible for
  • Which additional pay and benefits they’re eligible for
  • Details of any probationary period
  • Details of any training they’ll need to complete
  • Details of any training they’ll have to pay for without your financial support

Who’ll be affected most by the 2020 employment law changes?

The biggest change is the shift towards a written statement becoming an all-worker right, not just an employee right. That means you’ll now need to issue contractors and temporary workers with a written statement, as well as permanent employees. 

By their first day, not when you get around to it.

To some extent this’ll impact every business that hires short-term workers but the likes of retail, healthcare and care who rely heavily on contractors, temps and locums will be hit hardest.

It increases the admin burden and means you’ll need to be much more organised about providing the relevant documentation to stay compliant. Or risk slowing your recruitment process down to the point you can’t fill urgent roles fast enough (and the knock-on impact for business growth).

Luckily, there’s a simple way to comply with these 2020 employment law changes – without adding complexity to your processes or increasing your admin burden. It’s our contract management functionality, within Tribepad Onboarding.

Here’s how it works.

Make compliance easy with Tribepad contract management

This functionality isn’t new. We didn’t develop it to hop on the bandwagon after the employment law changes were announced. It’s just how our platform works, because it’s the most efficient, most practical, least hassle way to tick the boring admin boxes.

Anyway. Let’s look under the hood.

Add, change and create new employment documents easily

Tribepad stores all your employment contracts and relevant documents in one library that hiring managers and recruiters can access and add to. All activity is tracked to make version control simple.

(No SalesContract_Final_V3_V4_VT1_SD1_FINAL nightmares to derail compliance and slow things down).

Tribepad document library 

When you want to add new contracts or documents, you can write (or copy and paste) free form or you can use snippets that replicate across contracts. So to meet the April 2020 employment law changes, you’d just add the extra info into a snippet, then insert it effortlessly into all contracts.
This snippet functionality is especially useful if you recruit at scale, because you can quickly mix and match elements to create loads of different contracts with minimum hassle.

We also support loads of variables – like candidate address, candidate name, candidate signing date, and so on – so you can automatically personalise contracts. Again, super useful if you hire at scale.

Tribepad contract creation form with variables

Deliver and process documentation with automatic workflows

When you decide to hire, Tribepad generates the relevant contract and employment documentation for that role with one click, personalised with the successful candidate’s details. You can add extra variables or snippets here if you need.

Tribepad makes generating a unique contract easy

The platform then sends an email to the successful candidate with a link where they can view and sign their documents.

Candidates can view their documents through their Tribepad dashboard

They then read, and decide whether to accept, reject or request changes to the information you’ve sent them, all from one simple screen.

Tribepad document review screen

Their actions trigger an automatic workflow, depending how you’ve configured the platform (it’s highly configurable to your processes). For example, you could get an email alert whenever a new hire’s read and signed. Or, if you recruit at volume, you could deactivate email alerts and instead review inside the platform, from one dashboard.

The idea is, it makes the whole process of sending, reviewing, changing and securing signatures on contracts fast and simple. No physical meetings. No waiting for the post. And if candidates need prompting, the platform automatically sends reminders (as often as you like). No chasing from your side.

Every action is securely tracked, so you get an exact record of who’s done what, when. That’s compliance with the April 2020 changes made easy.

Recruiters can easily see who’s accepted and when 

You can check against individual candidate profiles who’s signed, or there’s a dedicated contract management dashboard where you can manage all candidates at once.

Tribepad applications dashboard

You can easily download contracts from here if you’d rather save centrally too. So you have a foolproof record of your compliance with all your employment law obligations.

Deliver all employment info with transparency and clarity

Previously, employers could send their written statement of employment in bits and pieces, in different documents, at different times. Now, you need to give your people all this info in one place, at one time, so they can easily review.

That’s what Tribepad does. We empower you to easily collate and send all relevant employment information the moment you make a hire. So your new employee can review, download and save easily, for future reference.

Candidates see all the information they need, in one streamlined screen

That’s a legal obligation, but it’s about more than that too.

If you look at the spirit of the law, not just the letter, it’s fundamentally designed to improve employees’ experience. That is, increasing transparency, clarity and accountability so employees know where they stand, and what’s expected of them.

Tribepad brings that ideal to life – it’s about the sort of employer you want to be. The employer brand you embrace.

Let’s face it. Nobody loves this contract and documentation stuff. Employment law is the boring-but-necessary bit. But it can also be the quiet beginning of a fantastic employee experience that shows your people you value them and respect them.

Choose recruitment software that makes the legal stuff effortless

Contracts and employment law might be dull but they’re necessary (if you want to avoid fines, protect your reputation and continue doing business, at least).

But the April 2020 changes don’t mean you’re doomed to spend even more time reviewing, compiling, chasing, re-chasing, re-re-chasing, debating, editing, losing, finding and finally saving employment documentation.

Even if you recruit at scale. Even if your business relies on short-term and seasonal workers.

Choose software that empowers you to meet those obligations in the most pain-free way, that you can trust absolutely so you can stop thinking about this stuff. And spend more time on tasks you enjoy.

Tribepad provide recruitment software you’ll shout about, including contract management functionality that makes compliance completely painless. For you, and your people. Grab us for a demo. We can either show you our full onboarding software, or just the contract management features you need for April 2020. 

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